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Iconic944ss 29-Sep-2016 05:01 PM

Sponsorship request for 'Spike' Edwards - Racer / Coach
Sent via Email but I think Mike deserves a wider audience, rode in the 848 Series if my memory serves me well.....

"I thought I'd easily be able to source 40 'well fixed folk' to sponsor 500 each, for my championship bid, but it's actually proving harder than I initially thought. But thanks to a few great, enthusiastic supporters I'm flying to Bahrain today to get back on a Ducati and have a run round on a trackday; see if I like it, and if they like me.

While I'm there, if I can get some more sponsorship funding, and if there's still a place on the grid, I'll sign up for the championship and do the official Bahrain Superbike test day. It's a turn up and ride, one make series, all Ducati 899s - 12 races over 6 events - October 'till April.

I still need some cold hard cash to help with committing to the full championship, travel and accommodation costs - so, if you just fancy firing me some sponsorship cash:


As usual I will be acknowledging my supporters and sponsors by promoting and documenting my racing endeavours online and with exciting video, so if you'd like to be part of my team and would prefer not to use PayPal, please get in touch:


================================================== =============

Thanks to No Limits, for letting me have a few clear laps on Cato at Donington to get some updated video footage. The front video footage is for revamping my guide, but this rear forward facing lap has proved popular reaching over 13,000 people with 6,600 engaged viewers to date on FaceBook - to me, I'm just riding a decent lap of Donny, nice and smooth, on the gas or on the brakes, anticipating the track with my body position and unhurried flowing movements.
People seem to like it smoooooth...

Choose from 21 circuit guides, available as DVD or Vimeo downloads:


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