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Iconic944ss 07-Jan-2017 01:13 PM

Happy New Year: Plans for 2017?
I'm not allowed on a bike for another TWO months yet and not sure I can hold out that long :devil:

So: What Ducati / Riding plans do you have to brighten the dark months?

I'm trying to keep things realistic....

Always fancied the Southern 100 in Ireland.
At LEAST one run into Scotland, maybe this beauty too...


Sorry; BETTER website


Non-race visit to the IOM

and, oh go on then, a dream visit to the Bol d'or!

Cum on - inspire me :D

Tony2 07-Jan-2017 05:46 PM

Having been to the TT in 2016 and already granted a pass to WDW 2018 my pass for this year has been ...... Restricted.....so I'm like the 'anti-inspire' :-). I'm off work next week though and the weather's looking good Tuesday so I may brave a few hours out on the multi...

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