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Iconic944ss 29-Jan-2009 04:16 AM

Stolen: Battersea area, Red ST2, plate FY02 ULP
As reported on Ducatisti:


My beloved Ducati ST2 was stolen from outside my house on Monday. Infuriatingly the police located it (in Battersea in London) but failed to secure it and by the time it occurred to them to do so it was gone again. So I'm turning here in the hope that a forumista might be able to help. If anyone tries to sell you, or you spot, a red Ducati ST2, plate FY02 ULP, with a VIN number ending 009095, last seen in Battersea (yesterday) please let the police know! The bike's fully datatagged. Thanks; I'd be really grateful.

REDHEAD 07-Feb-2009 09:51 AM

Ebay bike
I dont want to be a rumourmonger BUT on ebay there is an St2 being broken in the south coast region,it has panniers so this might rule yours out!The strange thing is they have listed carburetors not throttle bodies,surely a biker that owned a bike would know its fuel injected.Just struck me as odd or suspicious depending on your outlook!!

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