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Wes 28-Aug-2009 01:58 PM

Don't believe the bike insurer.
Comparision websites are generally good from my experience apart from my experience today.
Quoted 401, Falcon Bikes, 2003 749, Im 29 Passed my test 2 years ago but not ridden in between. When I try to actually buy the policy though I have to call them with a reference. Apparently even if you put you have no NCB it assumes you have been riding and not completing policies, so when I phone them the actual price will be 550.

However my second best quote of 440 with H and R was fine and I can buy online so I'm not too peeved. However this could seriously affect some people as I've put a deposit on the bike assuming the insurance was 401.

Moral of the story. Nothing is guaranteed until you have the policy!


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