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star1970 29-Sep-2009 06:56 AM

Road / occassional trackday tyres?
Looking for suggestions...I'm returning to the UK in Dec/Jan and will be running a 1098S, mostly for road, but hoping to do some trackdays also; what tyres would people recommend?

I'm currently out in Asia and have a 1098 and have mostly used the Supercorsa Pro medium compound SC2's, whilst mates run the new Metzeler Interact and the new Mich Pilot Powers...but we have the advanatge of higher ambient temperatures so they warm up quickly.

SlowLearner 29-Sep-2009 02:13 PM

Hi There !

I found the Supercorsa pro to b too scarey in the damp and wet of an english winter, although fine in the warmer months.

I recomend Michelin Pilot Power 2CTs, as being great in any weather.
Perhaps not as ultimately grippy for on track use in the summer but a better all round choice IMHO.

( ps used them on Tricolore and 999s)

Dukeman358 29-Sep-2009 02:35 PM

I've been running the superb Diablo Supercorsa BSB's on my 1098s and will do again but as I ran the Dragon supercorsas last Winter it was a little unnerving although they did not affect me like some people.

I have just fitted a new set of corsa 3's but due to other problems have not been out on them. I am hoping they will last through Winter and possibly for use on track early next year or even in Winter. Some other members on here seem to rate them along with the other choices listed.

All the best and maybe see you when you come over if your in the Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire area.


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