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mattslade 27-Jan-2014 22:11

front wheel spacer(s)
Hello all, i was looking at my dvd font of all knowledge and it was saying when removing the front wheel be ready to catch both spacers but in pics it seems to be showing one of the spacers behind the seal on the wheel. so which is it should i be trying to line up 2 spacers and the wheel before sliding the axle in?

antonye 28-Jan-2014 08:30

I've always found that the spacer on one side gets held by the bearing seal, so it's like you only ever have one spacer!

Spjallen 02-Jul-2015 21:29

Off side has a very small spacer that's sits flush to the wheel and seats nicely - often remaining in the wheel. It's the larger left / near side spacer that will often fall out. A smear of grease will hold them in place.

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