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knappers 21-Sep-2016 13:30

Wanted 600 carb flywheel rotor
Would anyone have, or know of anyone who has a 600 carb flywheel rotor to sell?


skidlids 22-Sep-2016 23:32

Do you have a pic of the part you need

knappers 27-Sep-2016 19:49

I haven't had chance to get to it to take a pic.
Its the magnetic rotor that spins inside the stator.
The link below shows it, its in the bottom left corner of the drawing. Thanks


skidlids 27-Sep-2016 21:16

I'll have a check to see what I have, similar to the early 748 and 916 but narrower if I recall correctly but without measurements it is probably hard to tell one from the other

knappers 27-Sep-2016 22:29

Yes you're right they are smaller. I'll look to see if I can find the dimensions again.
Thanks for your help

coppersaucepipe 28-Sep-2016 00:16

What year 583 is it? Marcus Dealey may have an early one in a box with the rest of a dismantled engine.

knappers 28-Sep-2016 11:33

The engine is a 95 model. Thanks

knappers 29-Sep-2016 21:20

Rotor size.
OD 76mm
ID 19mm
Depth 38mm

skidlids 01-Oct-2016 09:35

I think it is the depth that is the dimension that varies between the models I will see what I have

knappers 02-Oct-2016 08:56

That would be great, I'm really keen to get back on it while the weathers still good.


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