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webteam 21-Nov-2021 17:18

WDW 2022 - Ducati Sporting Club UK T-Shirts
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WDW 2022 - Ducati Sporting Club UK T-Shirts

As shown in the latest Pronto magazine, we will be creating a limited edition run of t-shirts for WDW 2022, exclusively for DSC members.

Based on a football-team design, these sports shirts are made from hardwearing 160 gsm 100% performance polyester, giving a moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric with customised DSC design just for WDW 2022.

Featuring a contrasting pattern of white and red, the shirt includes the DSC logo, club name and website across the front, with the club logo on the right sleeve and the union flag and "WDW 2022" on the left sleeve. The reverse comes with "WDW" and the number "22".

Not only will you be able to order your own DSC Team Shirt, but you can also customise the name and number on the back, from 00-99 and any name you want! Put your own name and number, or a "FOGGY 1", a "BAYLISS 21" or just celebrate WDW 2022.

Shirts will be available at 23.95 each including both customisation and postage to the UK.

We will soon be taking orders to ensure that t-shirts will be available in plenty of time for WDW 2022, but there will be a cut-off date to ensure that all orders will be filled, so we recommend that you order asap.

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