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wanzap1 25-Jan-2016 16:13

Help - bike transport
A couple of years ago I bought a bike with the idea of racing the series with a friend - in the end I moved away to Czech for a year and my mate found another series to race in...

Now i'm back however the biggest obstacle for me is living in Ireland, which makes the cost of transporting the bike pretty prohibitive. Thus I'm wondering if some kind soul could keep my bike and transport it you the meets - in return I will help pay your costs and can bring you some company for the meet (priceless)

If you have a little spare space in your bike, fancy a few extra quid and don't mind putting up with a chatty irishman please pm me. Thanks.

mat2hew 29-Jan-2016 11:26

you had me until the chatty Irishman bit.....

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