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a27996 15-Sep-2020 23:09

A newbie after some info on the desmo series
Hi guys! First post here, so just curious and after some friendly advice about the desmodue bikes.

Some background on my riding experience, I'm 24 now, raced schoolboy motocross to a fairly high club level, have only done a few track days a few years ago but now have a full bike licence and ride a husqvarna 401 midsize bike on the road.

I'm tempted to get into track riding as I'm always at the meetings with my Dad anyway and am getting the itch when being trackside. My Dad races a triumph 675 at various clubs but is thinking of entering the new battle of the twins class (hopefully on a 998 if he can find a suitable one) which runs at NG. I want to be more affordable and not being throwing supercorsas around the place at 300 odd quid a pop every weekend so looking at lower capacity classes and looked at the junior supersport (ninja 300 etc) and the desmo due class - have walked past some lovely examples in the paddock that have caught my eye!

So really my main questions are:

Do these bikes often come up for sale at the end of the season and how much would you expect to pay for a fairly together package with some spares etc that's ready to ride? And assume as a novice it would be class B only?

Can you use them at any other clubs and meetings? For example emra at mallory, any bemsee classes etc or do they only really fit this class in particular?

How much of a headache are they to keep running? The ninja 300 does appeal as a turn key and don't worry about it kind of bike. I am a professional mechanic so not unable to fix stuff and these little bikes look fairly simple but just curious about the reliability and accessibility to parts as a whole in general over the course of a season.

And do you consider them a good novice bike? I want to do some trackdays and generally build confidence obviously before racing and would compare laptimes with results and then have a crack once up to speed enough to come bash bars with you guys.

Any advice welcomed, and feel free to show off your desmo bikes below! Cheers

skidlids 22-Sep-2020 19:56

Hi Sean

we have already had a discussion on facebook and you have seen pic of the bike i'm selling.

If the Lord of Lydden meeting goes ahaead I could take it along in place of my spare bike if it was possible for you to get along to look at it.

Any issues with my main bike and I would end up racing it if I needed to


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