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rapidomoto 14-Jul-2020 20:51

Yuasa or Motorbatt?
Evening Guys,

Done a variety of searches on replacement batteries for a W-Reg 748s. Have been using Yuasa lead acid batteries for a while now but recent one has died. Tempted to go for the AGM Motorbatt but heard stories of them splitting. Has this problem been fixed or are they still likely to leave a mess over my engine? :(

Do Yuasa do a AGM battery that is a straight swap for their OEM lead-acid one?

I have ruled out Lithium as deemed these not suitable with the old charging nature on what are considered old bikes now. I've had the bike for 20 years now and still makes me smile! :)

antonye 15-Jul-2020 12:42

I had a MotoBatt (the yellow ones) that lasted for 2 years before it died completely and couldn't be revived.
Fellow club member Andy had the same problem with TWO MotoBatt batteries in the same timeframe.
I've since fitted a Yuasa which was only a couple of quid more than the MotoBatt from ebay, and won't be buying another.

Edited to add: I've done the YT-12 conversion on my Yr 2000 748S rather than using the original massive YT-16 battery, and have never had any issues.

rapidomoto 15-Jul-2020 14:53

Cheers Antonye,

Iím presuming the YT12 conversion would be smaller battery holder and cables? Is the YT-12 battery a AGM style battery? Keen to try and find a more modern battery design such as the Glass Fibre Mat over the old Lead -Acid style.

If the YT-12 and YT-16 are the same design Iíd prob just stick with the 16 as weight isnít too much of a concern for me. Battery longevity being the main aim for the AGM preference.


antonye 15-Jul-2020 15:34

You can simply fit the YT-12 (as used on the later 998 and 748 bikes) and move the cables around.
The relays will now fit inside the battery holder instead of outside!
Ducati added a battery tray spacer - I will find the part number - but these don't come up for sale very often. Until I found one I simply used cable ties and straps to keep the battery in place properly!
It's an easy job to do and saves a lot of weight over the YT-16.
TBH the weight you save going from YT-16 to YT12 is bigger than getting an AGM YT-16 battery, and it saves money too!

antonye 15-Jul-2020 15:43

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a picture of the old MotoBatt fitted (before I removed it!) for reference.
You can see the YT-12 adapter is the black step under the battery.
It’s just a wedge that converts the YT-16 tray to YT-12 size.
Ducati used this for a while until they started making the battery tray for the YT-12 size battery, but as I said they’re very rare!

antonye 15-Jul-2020 15:57

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Youíre in luck, thereís one on ebay right now!

Big Seven 03-Aug-2020 13:46

Do you use a trickle charger ? I just bought a ST4S and the previous owner used a cetech charger ...said the battery had lasted 5 yrs ....

antonye 03-Aug-2020 16:31

I used to have Optimate 3s on all my bikes, but when one died (and I couldn't figure out why!) I bought a cheap trickle charge from Aldi to replace it rather than another optimate.
The 748 now lives on this charger and I simply fitted an optimate connector on the end which I already had but you can buy for a couple of quid.
This was the charger. Although it's no longer available, they do sell them every so often so keep your eye out for them. Or just buy a generic one off ebay :D

Big Seven 04-Aug-2020 10:39

How long has your present battery lasted Antonye ??

antonye 06-Aug-2020 12:02

The original Ducati Yuasa in my 2008 Hypermotard is still going strong!
The Yuasa in the 748S has been there for nearly 3 years now and is like new.
The MotoBatt lasted 2 years almost to the day before it died and couldn't be resurrected.

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