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Manga 02-Oct-2011 09:04 PM

Meta 357T on 996
This has caused me to be stranded twice.
The immobiliser 'disarmed' OK but the fuel pump would not run.

Found a thread somewhere that showed the plug/socket under the seat on LHS upper frame is ready-made to fit Ducati's own alarm. The Meta had two wires to this, so I took the plug out & shorted the socket & the fuel pump runs OK. Tested it a couple of times in & out and its definitely solved.

The bike is still immobilised until the remote is pressed, I was brave enough to go out on it today for 200+ miles and it never let me down once.

I think it is worth keeping the Meta on but does anyone have any comment on why only part of the immobiliser circuit was working?


skidlids 02-Oct-2011 09:09 PM

Two circuit alarm
One circuit usually taps into the Fuel pump circuit and the other into the starter circuit. Each circuit is seperate and either controlled by relays or power transistors inside the alarm.
Most likely the Meta uses Relays and one of them has failed, weak electromagnetic field or carbonised contacts or faulty solder joint or alarm wiring damaged

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