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Old 27-Mar-2006, 09:34 AM
phillc phillc is offline
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Originally posted by raykay748R

Ride of the day....... Elias; lap1 - 13th, race end - 4th. Catching Hayden towards the end too!

It was a good ride, but how about Stoner. Qualified 15th and finished 6th in his first MotoGP race. Not bad for a rookie.

Pedrosa obviously showed he can ride too, but he was always at the sharp end from qualifying through to race end.
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Old 27-Mar-2006, 09:53 AM
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FiscusFish FiscusFish is offline
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Originally posted by Urban996
Rossi - nothing but respect for the man, but didn't he make a fuss after he got punted off, jumping up and down waving his arms about before realising he could actually get back on and continue... Smacked of toys coming out of the pram to me

No chucking his toys out would have involved him pulling in a lap later, slamming the door and leaving the circuit straight away. See Kenny Roberts Jr in the dictionary for toy chucking....

He jumped up and down screamed and probably swore a bit which is what all of us including the bleedin' Pope would have done had we been riding one second and then ended up on our heads for no apparent reason the next. Kind of proves he's (semi) human.

What disproves the human bit though is then jumping back on the (now fairly knackered and not working well before the crash) bike despite being 40 seconds behind the next bloke and setting off in pursuit... Every single one of us here and a fair proportion of the MGP grid would have said "Sod that, I'm not playing anymore...)
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Old 27-Mar-2006, 11:14 AM
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Ray Ray is offline
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Just can't be doing with the BBC Race commentary team, always watch MGP on Eurosport.

Enjoyed the BSB coverage on ITV but spoiled by the daft Burd rushing around calling everyone mate, asking very daft questions and not listening to the answers.
Whitham was subdued, obviously with some crib notes when he was talking about the Suzook BSB bike V road bike. Hope he loosens up cos he does a great job on Eurosport for WSB.

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Old 27-Mar-2006, 04:19 PM
KeefyB KeefyB is offline
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Have to say Jerez was awesome!
The wife and I were lucky enough to actually be there.(In fact Im still here,.....be on the plane home later.)
Fantastic atmosphere from 130,000 plus spectators,awesome circuit and a great result.
The antics in the town saturday night were something else.........
Probably do a report for Pronto,......or summat.
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Old 27-Mar-2006, 04:36 PM
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DOH !!!! Didn't even realise that BSB was on ITV
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Old 27-Mar-2006, 11:54 PM
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Twinfan Twinfan is offline
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Pedrosa was the class of the race. Did you see him and his bike? Very tight lines on all corners witout sacrificing drive on the straights. He looked as smooth as anything. You'd never know it was his first MotoGP race. He's got to be a title contender, and Rossi should be worried.

Top marks to Loris too - superb result
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Old 27-Mar-2006, 11:59 PM
Brogins's Avatar
Brogins Brogins is offline
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I think (actually hope..) that Elias and Pedrosa performance was so good because.. they were in SPAIN!!!

It is (was) like Biaggi, Rossi & Capirex at Mugello!!!

...I hope.... if not ... Italians are in trouble this year!!!
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