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Idle Chat Still needs to be clean and of value to the club.

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Old 09-Feb-2009, 11:47 AM
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My instinct (based on no facts or evidence what so ever.....) is that the test is probably pretty good

& as Glyn said - they've been working the old tests and have been caught with their pants down....

Could be good as they'll have to raise their game - or start working the new test...or am I being cynical...
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Old 09-Feb-2009, 01:51 PM
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Ive always had Arai (also had a trip to intensive care in a helicopter and my Arai did a sterling job of protecting what little sense ive got stored in my swede!!).

However..after seeing a rossi AGV Ti Tech paint scheme that I fell in love with, took the plunge and bought one for the track.

Opinions ?

Better quality/ finish than my RX7 (which incidentally has slowly been losing its vents and the chin guards been replaced twice!)

Not quite as comfy (although I've only had one good season of track days in it so maybe it needs to mould to my head a bit more).

Noise no different.

Way cheaper !
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Old 09-Feb-2009, 03:27 PM
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I have worn X-Lite lid's for some years, based on their Sharp rating. I have found them to be well made, light, quiet and afford an excellent fit.

Last edited by 007 : 09-Feb-2009 at 07:28 PM.
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Old 09-Feb-2009, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by WeeJohnyB
What do you reckon?

I have always worn Arai, like most racers (although some swear by Shoei as the head shape is different). Now we all know Arai is not the cheapest, but the advice is always 'buy the best you can afford that fits'.

I have had about 8 helmets, all Arai and the last 3 have been the RX-7, top of the range jobby, over 500 if you buy froma UK retailer or c300 if you buy direct from Japan like me! I know lots of racers on a budget buy cheaper and some buy the pretty one and others don't care. Each to their own.

My point is, the RX-7 gets a 3/5 star rating, where 'lesser' names and some names I have never even heard of get 4/5 and even 5/5.

I know there is controversy about the tests, but are you intending to change from your expensive helmet to a cheaper one with a higher rating on the basis of these tests? Do the tests 'work' ie will they do as intended for people whose views have been coloured all these years like me?

Personally, it's Arai for me.


I believe you witnessed me chucking the "R" down the road and following it for some considerable distance on my back a few years back? The Arai that saved my bonce on that occasion had a big flat ground across the back so before dumping it (with straps cut out!!!) I gave it some serious whacks with a very respectable sledgehammer. It just bounced off and nearly broke my feckin wrists I then gave it a go with another sledge that had a tapered head to quite a narrow edge, same thing.

I always wear an Arai helmet when out on the bike cos I've seen how good they are, could well be some just as good or maybe even better but I reckon if my napper takes a smack that hard the inside will be a worse mush than it already is so I won't know much about it.

Can we go riding yet ?, I'm getting pi$$ed off with this weather


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