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Reload this Page On average, is yours UP or Down!!!!
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Old 13-Jun-2003, 11:43 AM
Guido's Avatar
DSC Member Guido Guido is offline
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Bikes: '01 Ducati 748R and '04 Mille RSVR
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On average, is yours UP or Down!!!!

Insurance that is...

Got my renewal quote through from Carole Nash as it's due first week of July.

Have lost touch with the insurance stories lately so don't know whether thefts/claims etc are on the increase again and thus as are premiums.

Another year's no claims yet the premium has risen not gone down.

What's the general concensus. Is this happening to you too or are your renewal premiums going down without haggling?

Just interested before I get on the blower to them.

Thanks in advance

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Old 13-Jun-2003, 12:42 PM
Dave G's Avatar
Dave G Dave G is offline
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Hi Guido
These companies are like so many others in that they put their prices up by a certain amount each year in the full knowledge that we as road users are legally obliged to have insurance,therefore they have us over a barrel.
BTW make sure you get proper confirmation of ncb from carole nash if you decide to change companies as I'm having a hard time with them denying my full entitlement-to the extent that my current insurer is about to cancel my insurance if they dont come clean.
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Old 14-Jun-2003, 10:31 PM
sevenfourate sevenfourate is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2003
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31,3 years ncb,bike alarmed and garaged,SDP only,value 6000.Insurance went up approx 15% from this year compared to last,and that was after alot of phone calls(i also made alot of calls last year).So if you really hunted for the best price last time you will prolly do well to keep constant this year even with another years ncb.

Theres not much that goes in your favour insurance wise is there................

"Ah,yes Sir,we can give you 25% off for your extremely low risk occupation and an extra 50 off for being the 100th caller today" NOT !!!!!!

Good luck.Regards Syer.
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Old 17-Jun-2003, 12:14 AM
monstermark monstermark is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 155
Join Date: Oct 2001
Mood: Summer at last... :-)
Carole Nash

I've just renewed my insurance with CN (again) and although when the renewal came through the post it had increased a little, I actually ended up paying less than the previous year after having a ring round.
Also I found that the cover was better than some (who were even cheaper still) which is why I stayed with them even though they weren't actually THE cheapest.
Always pays to read the small print, and always pays to shop around!

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Old 17-Jun-2003, 09:34 AM
Rushjob's Avatar
Rushjob Rushjob is offline
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Big Twin
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Carole Nash for me, they quoted 14 more than my current one, but when you see the free European recovery included, this alone has saved me 95 this year on what I'd have had to pay the AA or someone else for cover when abroad.

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Old 17-Jun-2003, 10:01 AM
paulk paulk is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 197
Join Date: May 2003
Down quite a bit.
Was with Carol Nash (About 680). Lowest offered was 450 Cofield. Paid 550 to H & R but that also covers termis.
Doesnt have recovery - but Im in the AA off the car anyway and that covers me on the bike.
Carol Nash were same price as H & R standard or 600 with Termi cover.
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Old 07-Jul-2003, 05:13 PM
ST4 ST4 is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 65
Join Date: Jun 2003
Mine came down from 220 to 140 with Bennets ( I accepted their renew offer). Thats TPFT on a 1999 ST4, 3 years no claims, garaged, datatag, no alarm, no points etc.

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Old 07-Jul-2003, 06:04 PM
Totto Totto is offline
Registered Forum User
Big Twin
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Mood: Not so broke any more !!!!!!!!
Withn a few pounds the same !
Which ain't bad for N Ireland !!
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Old 08-Jul-2003, 12:01 PM
antonye's Avatar
DSC Member antonye antonye is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2002
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28, 6 years NCB, not garaged (car port), Yr 2000 748S, less than 3K miles per year, bike worth 5500 = 480 TPFT

29, 7 years NCB, garaged (we moved, but not far!), same bike, same 3K limit, same worth = 230 TPFT inc European breakdown cover.

Basically I took the risk in the first year by having my bike quoted as being worth less than it would to replace. A chat with the man at Rampdale Insurance lead to the fact that 5,500 was a cut-off point where things got really expensive.

This year we moved up the road and gained a garage, which has made quite a bit of difference. I've left the value of the bike the same (still slightly below but not much) and also switched insurers from Zenith to Equity Red Star as they wanted the same amount (480) to renew but Red Star would now quote me as I had a garage.

I might see what Fully Comp prices are like next year as I'll be 30...
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Old 08-Jul-2003, 06:50 PM
lizzie lizzie is offline
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Now as you might know, I don't actually ride, in fact don't have a licence (though I'm thinking about doing something about that maybe). I've just been messing around on the net getting a few quotes for a mate who is thinking about returning to biking and whilst doing so, I thought wonder if anyone would cover me to ride hubby's 916? You'll have to guess my age - but I'm not THAT old honest - but if I passed my test tomorrow, with no NCB, I could get fully comp cover for 665 (600 XS). Amazing or what? I sure as hell wouldn't cover me to ride that sort of bike....
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