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Old 29-Apr-2005, 10:17 AM
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U2U sent Ian..

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Old 07-May-2005, 06:14 PM
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Yo 888heven

Now you know why it's a good idea to keep a clean machine. Swiagrm cracks are some what common as I have had one on my 851 and 888.

A proper welder can make it good as new, so don't pony-up for the $$ to Ducati as you get raped well enough on other Ducati items.

Fwiw......it also a good idea to remove all bolts every year or so because Ducati seems to put these bikes together with salt water.

Remove, clean and put back with anti-seize compound and you'll not have to deal with heli-coils at all.

And yes.......the alternator side cover paper gasget has been unavailable for years now.........seems the bean counters thought the 3 cents for this gasget was too much money to spend on a Ducati.

The Ducati-bond they want you to use works well, but you'll play hell getting the cover off next time. But they don't want you to think about that one. Fugg 'em, I managed to stock up on the paper gasgets long ago and use wheel bearing grease on it when I install. Presto !! No problems getting it off and no leaks at all. Amazing ......eh ??

Even if you do spring a leak, use Hylomar (Rolls, BMW and Jags use it) on your new or old gasget and it will seal like new. The beauty of Hylomar is that it never sets-up and allows removal without all the &%$*^%$ associated with all the "bond 'n seal" products.

Start being a bit more pro-active with your Duck and you won't have to be so reactive.

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Old 09-May-2005, 07:06 PM
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After what seems like an eternity the old T8 is back blasting the Sussex roads but not with out a last kerfufle.
Had a new chip put in the comp put it back on the bike filled with oil/coolant dropped her off the engineering stand battery back on. press the red button lots of spinning motion but no go S--t S--t S--t of course it wouldant be the chip would it brand new HO HUM after hours of checking electrics and connections at 1 oclock in the morning I throw in the towel, petrol and match in hand.
So just in the off chance I phoned ProV (the chip came from them) oh it could be the chip they said so friday evening comp out change back to old one and VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOM THANK F--K""""""""""""""""""""
Run it up to temp top up coolant etc late again so off to bed.
Sat arrives Phyclist pops by for the first run out and the bloody batterys flat jump start her and where away Oh no into gear and the clutch is slipping ARGHHHHHHHH.
Paul has to go and Im left with a miserable morning luckly he took all my hammers with him.
Back off with the fairing (so many bloody screws) clutch cover off everything looks ok read instructions again yep all plates present and correct.
fix you do need both plates at the begining not the one that is the fitting instructions so with the added plate from the old clutch I had power to the back wheel.
JOY/JOY/JOY blast done to Motorapido to meet up with everyone.
So a BIG thanks to everyone that gave advice tecnic help and moral support, It would have been impossible with out the webs support.
the bike flys with a smaller front sprocket and handles much better with the Hyperpro sus.
Specail thanks to Paul for his extreme patience and polishing skills.

:b ouncy::bou ncy:
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Old 09-May-2005, 09:21 PM
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Result-At last!That's how i felt when i first got the SP5.Lots of little niggles(like it catching fire,the flywheel dropping off and the sprag clutch failing!!),but sorted now!
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