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Old 01-Jun-2003, 02:30 AM
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998R and your friendly neighbourhood fila factory spanner man

got back from our invasion in to France and and Monza+Le Mans.

Managed to have a chat with a Fila Ducati mechanic about my 998R.
He walked past as we were waiting to go out on track for the 'storm of desmos'
He said that 'it is all done by 10500-10600' and should not rev past that.
I said that i thought it might go to 11500 and he said no!
He said the 998R is a very good bike (broken english) but i should put a Bucci slipper clutch on it and 54-56mm full exhaust system as the 50mm doesnt let it breath properly!
Went out on track and did LOADS of wheelies/stand up wheelies and burnouts.
What an experience, upset one of the pace car drivers at the back with my wheelying and burnouts, he wouldnt let me pass him and it took me a lap to get by! He kept swerving across the track blocking me when i tried to overtake him! In the end i just nailed it passed him on one wheel and mingled with all the dukes!
Have been suffering with oil leaking from the middle of the clutch pressure plate ever since. I think the seal on the long rod that goes all the way in to the motor has failed??
The bike still wont go past 160mph and 9k in top gear without misfiring so hope a new cpu and good seeing to at Italia in a couple of weeks will sort it.
I'm going to get a shift light to help me avoid the dreaded limiter!
Did 2700miles in 12 days without any problems, mainly coz i wasn't going nutty! But have got some awesome helmet cam footage which i hope to post soon......

got some photos on my webshot page

click the link for the rest of the pictures!


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Old 01-Jun-2003, 03:05 AM
Mackster Mackster is offline
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Man, looks like you had a great time. Am off to Le Mans to watch the cars in june and am going to take the duke down for some french fun. Cant wait to see your other pics.
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Old 01-Jun-2003, 03:08 PM
DJ Tera DJ Tera is offline
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Mate your avatars brilliant!
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Old 02-Jun-2003, 11:35 AM
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chillo chillo is offline
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oh and bumped into Anthony in the middle of France somewhere!
Riding through this town (no idea which one) and pulled up to regroup and 2 guys on ducs ride out of the town from a another road and they pull and we start chatting and then Anthony clicks its me! Amazing coincidence or what!
And and saw Dave Harris and his missus at monza after coming off the storm of desmos!

Riding through the Gorge De Verdon in France.

this is me and 'Redline' riding the storm of desmos at monza, i held out my disposable camera and clicked while we was riding around! Came out ok!
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Old 09-Jun-2003, 08:03 PM
anthony anthony is offline
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Hi Chillo
Good to hear you guys got back ok
That town was Langres, East (ish) of Dijon
The lakes were awesome, we stayed on the Swiss / Italian border, spoilt for choice on roads.
Then went down to Turin and over Bescanson, truly stunning area.
Hooked up with a bunch of French for our run from Lyon to Le Mans, wheelies out of every speedlimit, just blokes on bikes having fun, never spoke a word to them and didn't need to, bikes are the common language.
Mike's 748 let go on the way home from Le Mans, crank bearing shattered at 11,500 miles, still in service and warranty so full rebuild for him
Mugello next year..?? What a race yesterday or what
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