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Alarms and Related Security For the discussion of Alarms, Immobilisers, Trackers, Locks, Ground Anchors and other forms of motorcycle security.

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Old 19-May-2003, 09:20 AM
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Meta Alarm

Has anybody out there had problems with the Meta system not setting properly. its supposed to "bleep" two times on setting but mine bleeps 4 times. Apparently this can happen if the the battery is low (mines not) or if the tamper switch under the side panel is not connected or working properly (mineis)!!!!! my system has already been replaced once, any help/advice welcome
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Old 21-May-2003, 04:54 PM
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I have a simillar prob with mine (M357T). It's been caused by a short circuit and resulted in the small 10amp fuse blowing. This stops the alarm from charging up it's backup battery. Trying to get a new fuse.

May not be what you're experiencing cos my alarm goes mental approx. 10 seconds after setting, but that is a trait of the flat alarm battery.

The fuse is in a small holder (the size of you middle finger nail-ish). Mine is located just to the right of the battery. It looks like a special type of fuse so am having problems replacing it at present.
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Old 24-May-2003, 01:05 AM
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Mine sets insomuch that if you use the key or give the bike a good shake all hell breaks loose but will always give 4 bleeps.

The chap who fitted it has already replaced the alarm unit once and it was ok for 2 days now its doing the same again, woe is me
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Old 27-May-2003, 07:00 PM
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i had the same problem but now i have a new problem.
i have lost my immobiliser key ring with my key and i dont know the name of the battery inside the immobiliser key ring!!!
if any one can tell me the name of the battery(make,size,any info),that would help alot!
also with my alarm,when i get off the bike and turn the immobiliser on,it bleeps once every 10 seconds.and will keep on going untill i push the button again.
Bloody metas!
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Old 08-Jul-2003, 08:56 AM
Mark853 Mark853 is offline
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meta 357T

At the moment i am on my third alarm! I have had problems with it not setting correctly and trying to tell me my battery is flat since i had the dam thing fitted! The only way i partly cured the problem was to purchase an Optimate charger and leve the bike on constant charge when not in use. This seems to work and it now sets correctly most of the time but it can still occasionally plays up! I have spoke to various alarm fitters about this problem and they seem to think that because the ducaties charge at such a high voltage (as high as 16V) when the bike is switched off the alarm suspects the battery is low. This is because the alarm monitors the battery voltage which will be quite high when the bike is running but drops to abot 13V when the bike is stoped! Hope this helps.
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Old 02-Oct-2003, 10:30 PM
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If you have a movement sensor make sure the led is off when you set the alarm.
If it is permanently on then this is shafted (probably filled up with water through the sensitivity adjustment hole) and the alarm will bleep 4 times to say it already has a detection so will ignore it while set (or may simply go off continually depending on the fault).

The beeping every 10 seconds sounds like you are putting it into its test mode.

Do a search for Abletronics and Meta and you should find all this info on thier troubleshooting page. It is also in the installers/owners instrctions (well, was for the one fitted on my blade anyway).

A bit late I know, but might help somebody.

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Old 07-May-2004, 07:04 PM
748rosso 748rosso is offline
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The batteries they use are cr 1220 3v. Replaced mine today as the immobiliser would not turn off,stopping me from starting the bike.Bought 2 from a watch shop for 5.00.
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Old 24-Oct-2004, 07:40 PM
cleggy666 cleggy666 is offline
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meta 357t v2

I am trying to find out some info regarding a meta 357t alarm that my mate is having some problems with on his 02 R1.
The bike has been off the road for about 18 months as has been in storage. bike put back on the road recently with a new bike battery fitted, the alarm was working ok when on charge via an optimate charger in my garage.
After several days after taking the bike away he has had problems with the alarm arming/disarming etc, after reading several posts regarding alarm problems i came to the conclusion it could be the alarm battery that may be flat due to the previous lack of use!. Firstly does the 357t have a lithium battery inside the main unit and how do you remove it?
I summise the battery is located inside the main alarm unit, my mate says the screws have triangular heads and may need a special tool to get into the alarm! is this correct?
does anybody have any info regarding battery removal and replacement. I have also told him to check for an blown inline fuse.
Any info or suggestions would be greatley appreciated.
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Old 24-Oct-2004, 07:42 PM
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Sorry...shouldn't laff...
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