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Reload this Page help me please steering damper
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Old 31-Dec-2009, 04:26 PM   #1
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help me please steering damper

please can anyone help with a problem i may or may not have namely a genuine
steering damper that i fitted to my 1100s monster, with the adjuster knob turned fully in or out the resistance on the steering dosnt change atall
in garage not tried on road, some say unit may be active dealer who sold me the
unit didnt know if that was correct (moto rapido) anyone else fitted one its
the ducati one in the 2010 acc book ,black with only the name ducati in white
any help please
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Old 31-Dec-2009, 06:57 PM   #2
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Steering Dampers

A damper doesn't act like a spring where the resistance to turning the bars would increase when you use a stiffer spring.

A damper works by providing more resistance as the SPEED that you turn the bars increases. So if you try to turn the bars quickly, the higher damper setting will provide more resistance (back force) than the lower settings.

The only reason for a steering damper is to control headshakes, a.k.a. tankslappers, a.k.a. wobble. If youíre not having a problem, you donít need (or want) a steering damper.

Headshake is basically a dynamic instability. Once it gets going itís hard to stop, so a velocity-dependent damper can be used to progressively decrease its severity. If youíre not familiar with it hereís an example:


Headshake is caused by a combination of factors: too steep a steering angle setting, too little trail in the design of the bike, too little weight on the front wheel (usually under acceleration exiting a corner,) a certain bike speed, lean angle, rider weight, and of course a bump or series of bumps in the road to start it all going.

(Unlike the Superbike models, Monsters don't come with steering dampers because their trail dimension is sufficient to preclude headshake.)

Unfortunately a damper just doesnít work just during a headshake (high velocity oscillation of the handlebars.) You also reduce the bikeís ability to transition into corners (low velocity bar movements) and more important, you increase the tendency of the bike to weave from side to side at high speeds. So, by its very nature a steering damper will spoil your bikeís steering to varying degrees.

Thatís why there are adjustable steering dampers. The trade-off between handling feel and steering stability is a personal choice.

Track surfaces are smoother than typical roads, so often less damping is needed. Also, the steeper steering head angle is less stable (less self-correcting) so more damping should be considered when this setting is used.
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Old 01-Jan-2010, 11:27 AM   #3
trants749 trants749 is offline
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many thanks for that answer thats what i had been looking for
cheers again
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