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Old 07-Jun-2003, 03:03 AM
scooter996 scooter996 is offline
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fuel in oil?

I have a 2000 996 with 4200 miles on it. I usually do oil sampling to make sure that all things are going okay. Well the last sample that I sent in was a bad one. I got a call from the lab that runs the samples late last night. She said that there was excessive-critical-unacceptable amounts of FUEL in the oil sample :WTF: . Anyone else test there old oil and have the same problem or anyone found fuel in there oil? I do have the extended and Ducati regular warranty but I can hear them now saying that they wont pay for any repair until the bike breaks down. I would like to FIX the problem before it gets worse! I dont think DNA believe in PREVENTIVE warranty work. What should I do? Help please
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Old 12-Jun-2003, 08:49 PM
kfz kfz is offline
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oh dear this is very bad. Where are you up to?
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Old 13-Jun-2003, 06:51 PM
LukeDuke LukeDuke is offline
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get the cylinder head compression tested to see if your piston rings / barrel are excessively worn ?
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Old 15-Jun-2003, 08:36 PM
kfz2 kfz2 is offline
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Sorry guys i think your all going the wrong way with this.

If theres a large amount of unburnt gas in the oil, then the chances are its comming out of the fuel tap while the bike is parked up (yes i know the over flow should drop it out).

I suggest as a matter of caution that you chekc the tap is not running while the bike is stopped (its a vaucumn tap right?) and that both the varbs overflows and vents are clear.

You know this is extremly bad and fatal for any engine.
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