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Old 17-Aug-2004, 06:02 PM
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Hi desmojen, hope you enjoy it here
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Old 17-Aug-2004, 07:11 PM
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Steve as I see it Felixs plan is a sound one especially as its very similar to the one I propossed back in march and that DC says he never heard about

This is what I sent in on the 4th of March this year for consideration.

"I have just entered the DSC as sponsors on my New Era race entry for Pembrey and given the address as care of you. This is just to see how it works. I have talked to the club and they will happily supply a couple of free tickets to go with the normal pit crew tickets, the idea would to be to give these extra tickets to members that wanted to attend the race meeting entered.
I see a good use of the Burseary as paying for a group of DSC racers to enter the Clubmans Festival at Donington Park on May 31st, and also to pay for them to have 2 adjacent garages, which New Era are happy to try and arrange. if the 5 riders I have previously mentioned took part and each entry had their sponsor as DSC then we could expect at least 10 free tickets and probably persuade New Era to give us a couple more, we could also hang a DSC banner above the garages and turn it in to a sort of Mega meet, we could even have a small prize for the DSC racer that impresses most on the day, voted for by thos at the circuit."

What I would rather see on the grids and as time is running out the Grids will be at Donington on Oct 3rd is not a mass of Ducatis ridden by Sudo members but real members riding their race bikes what ever they may be, you and WJB included

And in a even earlier U2U to the Committee I ruled myself out from receiving the funds if I was having a say in how they were to be spent.

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Old 18-Aug-2004, 03:37 AM
Henners Henners is offline
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Reply to Kevin (Skids)

I've been watching emails fly about all day on this subject and now I will have my say as it is being implied that I did not pass on information to the MT of this club when consulting the Racing Academy committee on a possible bursary following the last AGM.

The background:

A request was made in February to members of the club to offer their opinion on how a bursary could be utilised to support racing members of the DSC. 6 members offered to be involved and I emailed each a questionnaire for completion which 5 duly returned. From that I pulled together a broad proposal for consideration by the MT and on which no action was taken until the last management meeting on 17th July.

It was not the purpose of that proposal to go into the level of detail that Kevin provided, merely to offer opinion on how money from club funds could be utilised for the benefit of racing members. The recommendation was to find a way to support more than one individual with the payment of either fees or contribution towards general costs like tyres. That is now happening.

Furthermore, no one was asked to join the committee, Kevin and others put their names forward and I was delighted that they chose to get involved. I resent the inference that I withheld information from the MT and as no one from the MT has come forward to refute that remark then I have had to do so myself.
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Old 18-Aug-2004, 11:46 AM
desmojen desmojen is offline
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Oh dear, this is all getting a bit heated isn't it!

I'm sorry to be the source of all this pontification. I will deffo be at Donnington, but whether I can race or not I don't know.

Sorry again
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Old 18-Aug-2004, 12:34 PM
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It's not your fault Jen, I hope you still feel welcome on the forum and in the club because you definitely are.

I'll be looking forward to meeting you at Donny although I won't be racing (this time). I'm looking into it for next year so I'm planning on attending a few Bemsee events before the end of the year to look at some different classes and get a 'feel' for it. Thanks for the suggestion to Monty and Dibble. Maybe I'll see you around ...

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