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Race MotoGP / WSB / BSB / Local racing.
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Old 22-Apr-2004, 05:12 PM
Dave G's Avatar
Dave G Dave G is offline
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Come on Rocker,Rossi's just an entertaining rider,I dont have much time for Biaggi I'll admit, as he has a tendancy to blame everything but himself for not winning.
I would say its going to be interesting as its by no means a foregone conclusion,I dont see Rossi winning every race,particularly not now,Honda have six riders and I expect they will flood those riders with new stuff just to beat Rossi to save face.I think even the possibility of Honda NOT winning has to be as entertaining a prospect for racing as any in recent years-even if the winning rider remains the same.Just as some have called WSB the Ducati cup the GP seems to have become a bit of a Honda cup.
As others have said ,he seemed to ride the wheels off that thing and yet couldn't shake off max,if he had made a mistake max would have won,so once max gets his composure back and convinces himself that getting the latest widgit from HRC doesnt stop him from winning he be back on the top step.
Personally I've big hopes for Colin Edwards and through the season I hope to see him improve a lot,but lets not knock an undoubtedly talented racer just because he seems universally popular.
I can certainly criticize his on-bike sartorial style,thats a bit too 'yoof' looking for me,but I cant fault his riding.
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Old 22-Apr-2004, 06:49 PM
Rocker Rocker is offline
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Dave G PLEASE PLEASE read my posts. How many times do I have to say it. I am NOT criticising Rossis riding skill. Repeat I am not knocking Rossis riding skill.
I enjoy a good debate on racing or almost any subject. However if one person in the debate doesn't listen to (or read) the others view then it stops being a debate and becomes an argument.
Personaly I have enough going on in my life with out getting involved in unnescessary arguments so I am dropping out of this thread. This is a pity because it could have been entertaining
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Old 22-Apr-2004, 07:47 PM
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kwikbitch kwikbitch is offline
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Originally posted by matt748

As for the Pirelli Cup being a forgone conclusion: Did you not see today's races then? Chili, what a race!
Nice one the BBC for showing 2 hours worth.

...Woman comment coming up!...

OK...not EVER really been into watching the racing BUT...
What a race...have to say...was doing alot of jumping up and down on the settee!...AND the guys 40...On his own 2 year old blinkin bike AND he whipped the ass off the factory souped up duke version...How much was spent on that I ask...AND
Where did Chilli get those tyres...I want some!!!!!

AND now not understanding any of what you are "harpin" on abaht...I shall go, be the domestic goddess and go back to cooking the tea!:P

[Edited on 22-4-2004 by kwikbitch]
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Old 23-Apr-2004, 12:55 AM
skidlids's Avatar
DSC Region Organiser skidlids skidlids is offline
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I must admit I was suprised at the outcome of the first round of the Moto GP, thats not to say that I did not think Rossi could win, but I did expect him to be battling for the win with more than one Honda. maybe the next round will be more of what I expected, With Rossi mixing it with 4 or 5 Hondas and hopefully a Ducati or two. I will be interested to see where the 2nd Yamaha finishes as this will show how well the bike is improving, I would like to see Abe benifit from Rossi's input into the Yamaha as I think he still has the potential to run at the front. And if anybody thinks that if Rossi was to depart the scene then Biaggi would be out in front on is own, have obviously forgotton the proven capabilites of Caparossi, Barros and Gibernau.

As for the overtake, perfectly fair in my book, I've seen a lot worse in my 6 years of club racing.

PS I was at Silverstone in 79 and a few other years, watching the likes Sheene, Roberts, Spencer. Mang, Crosby, Gardner and a host of others
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Old 23-Apr-2004, 09:03 AM
Steve M's Avatar
Steve M Steve M is offline
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Big Twin
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Mood: Sans moto
Rocker - come back. This thread IS entertaining.
I noticed that you've been following racing since the 50's, you must know some interesting stories then ? If you ever make one of the north west meets in Congleton, look me up for a chat, drinks on me.
Or maybe youv'e got some tales worth posting.
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Old 23-Apr-2004, 09:16 AM
Iconic944ss's Avatar
DSC Member Iconic944ss Iconic944ss is offline
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I can see where Rocker is coming from on this one...it would be nice to see 5 or 6 different riders (on different machines even) competing for the MotoGP win but, with a talent as prodigous as 'The Doctor's' its just such a pleasure watching him perform surgery at the front

Maybe Edwards, Barros, Kenny Jr and even Shakey can stir things up a bit !!!
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Old 23-Apr-2004, 10:02 AM
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Ozz Ozz is offline
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The point most people have missed is that the first race was at altitude and according to Suzy at least this had an effect on power etc. Therefore the bikes should have been a bit closer together.

The Yamaha is still a slower and harder bike than the Honda. Rossi just rides past those inferiorities. The next Yamaha was 10th or something wasn't it?
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Old 23-Apr-2004, 10:19 AM
Steve M's Avatar
Steve M Steve M is offline
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Big Twin
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Mood: Sans moto
Spot on Iconic - Rossi is a joy to watch, just as Micky D was before him, and it's hardly their fault the other can't keep up. It will be a sad day if Rossi goes to those big go karts.
Rocker - I guess you saw the Agostini era ? (never had the pleasure of seeing him myself) That must have become boring after a while, at least we are nowhere near that situation.
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