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Reload this Page Chi's - 'So what do YOU do' edited version - valid entries only pls!
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Idle Chat Still needs to be clean and of value to the club.

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Old 20-Oct-2005, 12:17 PM
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Chi\'s - \'So what do YOU do\' edited version - valid entries only pls!

Ok its a good idea - and I have a while to spare so I've created an edited version of Chi's thread so it only has descriptions....

Please DONT copy the text and add your comments to the end - it makes the thread too long & unreadable.

Just add your own brief details as you wish



Originally posted by chicken
To me, the DSC is a social gathering that is loosely connected by association to Ducati. There are often threads where advice is sought on non-Ducati topics and I thought it might be nice to have a sticky thread to show what knowledge we have "in-house".

This has been prompted by some recent assistance I got from Dukerob that I was only able to get because I remembered what he does from a 30 second conversation a year ago.


Chi (Chicken)
European telecom analyst - financial analysis, gadgets, accountancy, dim sum, hardly anything about Ducatis.

CK (Charlotte)
PA - just about anything from flights to spreadsheets, ex-equestrian bod, also specialised in long haul flights for nags & veterinary, also talks a lot!
AK (Alan) - Motor Factor parts - whizz with all things mechanical, prefers older (non ie type) bikes, ex-american top fueller builder/driver.

Phill (PhillC) - Online Operations Manager - business analysis, product management, project management, operational management, broadcast industry post production, ex-web programmer, ex-journalist, ex-dairy farmer (student days), Australian, play rugby, work at BBC, previously worked for eBay.

Phil (phil_h)
electronics engineer writing software for desktop, pocketpc & embedded windowsCE (ie pro-geek) - diy on almost anything; old-bikes:velocette,norton,ducati; ex-windsurfer; rusty mountain biker; ex-mogul-skier; crap racer of velocettes and ducatis; old git

Chemical plant operative (anyone want some Cyclohexane, let me know)
Ebay search engine and a little Ducati SS knowledge.

Paul (Crunchy) - Self Employed. Own firm in Germany dealing predominantly with Golf courses, supplying own brand fertilser, seed, some specialised machines and consultancy. MD of firm in UK dealing in Commodities world wide. Urea, Cement, steel, sugar etc. - Golf, skiing, TD's, rugby, (only watch it now), Liverpool FC and off course Ducati's.

Clint (clint)- Worked at Sky TV for the last 22 years in transmission (sky sports) also several years freelancing for ITN, ITV and numerous other Tv companies.

(BDG) aka Shaun Merrick - I.P.A. (International Party Animal) Distance no object, 24/7 service. Revolutions orgainised for an additional fee - International Logistics Consultant (what i really mean is i'm a humble courier). Part time guide for off road Sahara trips. Past jobs have included being an Exterior Clear Wall Engineer (window cleaner)

(Twinfan) aka Dave Jackson
- Application Developer, specialising in SAS (statistical analysis software)
- Guitar expert (electric and acoustic)
- Motorbike model year spec changes encyclopedia (from the 90's onwards)
- Hot hatch and performance

Grahame Butcher - (Butch890)
Delivers parcels.
Love Ducati's
Spend toooo much time with Johny Hackett
International sex god.
Richard Gere lookalike.

Dave (Brent)
IT Management, project management, business analysis. Occasional CBT instructor, Golf tour operator, also used to work in the wine business.

Paul Markey (Screwy)
Jobbing machinist ie: centre lathe turning,milling,vertical and horizontal boring,gear cutting and surface and cylindrical grinding .

Alastair Bisson (Ali)
Ecom Programme Mgr, ex-DTP/photographer. Geek by nature, loves photoshop, 3D studio, snowboarding, flat-sixes, v-sixes, anything aircooled, and people that post pictures of scantily-clad birds with big knockers

Richard Dawson (Richd)
Customer Service Director - Supplier of Broadcast electronics to major digital broadcasters worldwide. 'Realistic optimist' (I hope it will work out OK, but know it probably won't).
Techno geek/gadget freak with specialist subjects in home entertainment.
Have a working knowledge of HR guidlines and know most of the airline lounges in Europe and the US.
Don't know enough about blondes or big knockers or blondes with big knockers for my liking!!

Andys 900ss (Andy Sheppard)
Company Director, Electronic Security Systems - Burglar Alarms, CCTV, Fire Alarms & Access Control Systems, NSI Gold (NACOSS) Quality Assured Company, yes I'm on call this week, hence being up late....
HND in Electronics & Computing, so like messing with gadgets & IT. Raced Radio Model Cars upto Worlds Level for around 20yrs, swim competatively for about the same, like loud music (yes done disco's too) and love to live life to the max, hence trackbike R1 and trick 900ss. Sleep, I'll do that when I die...

Davieravie aka (Davieravie)
Ex Aircraft Technician Electrical with RAF. Tools required...Hammer, big screwdriver and torch!! Many drinks drunk and not a lot of aircraft fixed.......Now currently self employed as a tower/steeple clock specialist, i love crawling about in pigeon s. h. i. t. e!!! Many drinks drunk and not a lot of clocks repaired!!! I thank you.

Ryan Fairweather (RevDecal)
company director for sign making company. (shop fascias,vehicles,motorsport,banners,number plates etc...)
Ex racer - ex British forces (bosnia,northern ireland)
Dad of a lovely weimararner but trying for the real thing!

(YMFB) - Steve
Nearly all my working lfe as a mineral process engineer, working around the main mining countries, Australia, South africa, US, Russia etc etc. Married two children. Hobbies include, ST4, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Gym, Cricket, Golf about three times a year, Skiing when finances allow. Currently practising for my IAM.

(?) - The old man
23 years in IT - used to write COBOL (oh! er!) and have built low lever relational database utilities, and 4GL tools in my time. In later years got into large scale ERP implementation programme management, mainly in manufactuirng sector. Became a bit of a specialist in developing e.busines technology strategies for major blue chips (like Glaxo). Then the big bucks consultancy world collapsed.
So I did something completely different - now own my own locksmith business and you can shoot me before I will EVER work for someone else again.
Always loved things mechanical and can't resist touching big hunks of machined aluminium...

(?) Eric The Red 40
Too many hormones !!!

Robin (Redsps)
Former Landscape gardener / designer to the rich and famous (no joking), got sick of that in the late 80's. Now in IT / remote storage/data recovery/password encryption etc /dataservices/ and anything else to earn some proper wages (within reason). former expert motocross rider and if its on two wheels I love it, fishing , MTB'ing, fast cars, dare I say it, I love blondes

(KP) - Kerry Peacock
Worked in the city for nearly 30 years. traded for 20 years, now I run the support group for the last 9.
Always kept fit, dont drink much. Quite arty, do most DIY. Like to think outside the box.

Murray / (Murray Mint)
Technical Operations and Helpdesk Specialist – Well what’s in a name? Windows server, Active directory, network admin LAN / WAN (Cisco), Windows Desktop, software implementation and rollout, Scripting Kiddie, Still not paid enough. Fishing, Ducati, Flying gliders (haven’t done so for a long time) and other stuff.

Nick (NBs996)
Draughtsman, mostly 2D cad, some 3D, pharma and petrochem. The WORLDS most experienced user of 'Aspect' (intelligent draughting software).
Ex firearms instructor (MOD) but obviously not as handy as monstermob!
Hate my job, want another.
Pretty handy on the green baise too, the only trophies I'll ever get

Karen (clockwork orange)
Mechanical Engineer, done design, maintenance, project management, quality control blah blah.
Big career change to Electronic Security, specialising in burglar alarms but also do CCTV and access control. Recently promoted IC of the above sections of the company.
VERY PART TIME private jobs undertaken in Surrey & Hants

Mark aka (Flanks)
Civil Servant, working for the MoD, worked for Customs,DVLA and ONS. Started work in a motor car parts factor, bar work whilst at Uni. Played rugby, open side flanker, known to play golf (crap at) and into porn. Got a 748 in parts, 18 months in bits, not enough time to sort (lame). Oh, and a control freak member of the webteam (read a hitler). Oh, and a company director on the side.

Phil B. ( Philthy )
I feel quite inadequate in such elevated company-
I flog signs. Hobbies, target shooting, hill walking and tinkering with my 851 ( Not all at the same time ) and not doing up the house.

Paul Helliker (Ozz) - self employed certified accountant. Specialise in small company/sole traders/partnership accounts and taxation aspects. If the client owns a bike we normally get on even better! As shown in my 'business directory' ad DSC get 10% off...

(domski) - Dominic Cann
LGV 2 driver, what a load of arse! Only been doing this to get back on my feet. Try to build websites as much as poss, and the idea is to stop driving asap and just do websites.
Sometimes I get 10 spare minutes for a weekly shower, and weekends are for racing

keith AKA (madmav)
International Globetrotting pornstar
Truck bike and car techie
do loadsa stuff from holidays abroad to repairing jap bikes and Scania's and all sorts inbetween
have done a lot of PI work, decoy and PA work for some very interesting and wealthy people
Ex Doorman ex boxer

TP (Tony Perrin)
Unemployed Bum and occasional IT Consultant specialising in Active Directory design but can do most things in the Microsoft space. Also some Project Management work. Former soldier (Royal Australian Signals Corp). Into racing, Rugby (inside centre), Scuba, music, drinking and various other things

Age996 (Adrian Retallack)
Mechanic by trade, work in a textiles factory now, formaly milk man ( driving 7.5 ton delivering to shops) garage mechanic , farmers son so driven most things before I was supposed to , hated the farms Horses so took up Mx at 5 years old, have ridden lots of bikes and know how to fix most problems.

Richard Smith - (Tricky)
- Senior IT Analayst/Programmer for a University
- Main work at the moment Server consolidation using VMware.
- HIFI nut & gadget monkey.

(Uncle Porry)
self emloyed comms engineer,
Installation of two way and marine radio, vehicle security systems, hands free car kits and ICE.
Specialist in height work, which basically means I`m mad enough to climb up cranes and towers to fit stuff.

(AL900SL) - Allan Rollo
25 Years at Land Rover now working for Service, identifying issues in markets and working with engineering to provide Service fixes, compling and issueing Technical Bulletins also Dealer visits in extreeme cases. Prior to that engineering workshops and Prototype build as a Tech.
Getting to know more about Ducatis especially cracked frames on SS's. Scuba dived for 20 years and have had horses for 11 years. Specialist area Real Ale.

(monstermob 998) - Dave
presently running own hard landscaping company(patios,decking, paths, drives,water features etc) bricklayer by trade, part time doorman,15yrs in building game,worked for porscheUK(picking up and delivering cars)ex gamekeeper,close protection security,second hand car dealer/mechanic,tractor driver,ex parachute regiment TA have a FE teaching degree,represented england many times in the world of shooting have three international titles to my name,helped develop rifles for anschutz and walther,part time vermin control, enjoy motorsports, angling,power kites,pro-kart racing,boxing,sailing,scuba diving,music and of course riding and tinkering with my ducati 600SS

boring old fart, mechanical production engineer turned salesman of specialist communications equipment to the NHS for the last 30 years. Know a bit about Ducati's, windsurfing, mountain biking, walking, DIY,-oh yes, and Yamaha TZ'ds and racing-but whatever you do don't ask me about relationships as I know stuff all about them-other than how to muck them up...................

(But superb TD organiser !!!!)

(Loverobot) - aka Nick Battye
- solicitor - litigator who specialises in fatal accidents and child abuse - running a small specialised practice that deals with litigation and property transactions nationally
- know not much about bikes but learning
- do know about paragliding, astronomy, skiing

Ruth (Redruth)
company director (own company just set up) Wills, Estate Planning, Probate, Tax - Legal expertise without the exorbitant fees.
Like to be my own boss. Love Ducatis and Dobermans - not expert in either and my dog is as badly behaved as my bike is filthy so don't ask me, ok :P:P:P

Scott Buchanan - (ScottyB)
Offshore Health & Safety Advisor/Paramedic.
Work in the North Sea but have done the Russia/Kazakhstan thing but it was too bloody cold, and the Iraq/Middle East thing but i have enough medals and don't get paid enough to dodge road side bombs and mad folk blowing themselves up.
Keep my hand in on the medical side by helping out my mate Paul Alsop who runs Euromedix and covers Mallory Park.
Ex Forces - Army Air Corps Airborne Medic/Doorgunner been a civvie since 2000 and loving it.

You know when you wish you'd never started something.....

If I've missed anyone SUE ME !!!

If anyones wants to do a an alpha resort - pls feel free

Have a nice day - Frank

[Edited on 20-10-2005 by Iconic944ss]
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Old 20-Oct-2005, 05:16 PM
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Glorified truck driver...hauling trash all over the world...Here's my truck!!!
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Old 20-Oct-2005, 07:54 PM
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Classic race team owner. (Various championships won). Collector of motorcycles.
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Old 21-Oct-2005, 10:59 AM
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Antoine J (Tonio600)
IT (small ) team leader. Build all kind of web systems based on Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP. Expert in Linux and Open Source software. Fluent in French, crap in English
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Old 21-Oct-2005, 02:29 PM
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Independent Financial Adviser - all areas of financial advice but more in estate planning and some pensions. Love bikes and rugby and watch all sports whenever I'm allowed to. In my spare time I paint toy soliders and collect coke cans in between being a male stripper and model for weight watchers.
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Old 21-Oct-2005, 03:15 PM
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I work in R&D, test development, for one of the world's largest designer and manufacturer of Food sorting machinary.

Just won the 2006 Queens award for Industry but currently looking for new premises after being ousted out for the 2012 Olympics.
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Old 21-Oct-2005, 06:22 PM
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I.T. Technical Project Manager - working for a very large Japanese company, sounds like Jujitsu. Delivering projects way behind schedule well over budget and not fit for purpose - Goju Ryu Black belt, Drummer, compulsive persistent bike cleaner.
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Old 21-Oct-2005, 06:50 PM
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Rob McDonagh (electricsheep) Cisco specialist, large network design, implementation and support. ex Novell and NT specialist, professional before model. excellent shot with both pistol and rifle.
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Old 21-Oct-2005, 07:00 PM
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Lot of IT men.................arn't there!
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Old 22-Oct-2005, 12:44 AM
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I was just thinking that myself!
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