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Old 17-Apr-2004, 09:20 AM
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Tyre life ..

Morning all ...

I was just reading a thread where Keefyb had an unfortunate incident with his 999 due to what looks like shiny new tyres (D207RR's). I had almost exactly the same incident as KeefyB described.. rolling up the end of my street and stopped at the corner, started going around and the rear came around quite quickly and dumped me on my a..

The only difference is that mine did grip before spilling me, I thought I'd actually saved it but ended up in a sort of low speed highside. It must have looked quite comical because it all happened at such a slow speed. I wasn't smiling too much though ....

I know it sounds like I was a tad enthusiastic with the go forward but I've been around this corner every day for the past 5 months and not had any problems ...

After reading KeefyB's thread I just popped out into the garage to check the date stamp on the tyre and the rear has 4701 - which I take it to mean the tyre was made in late Nov 2001. There is a reasonable amount of tread left but I know the bike has still for a while before I bought it. I've put 2000 miles on it commuting into London from Twickenham every day and for some more lively jaunts and haven't had too many problems with it but my questions is should I be looking to put some fresh rubber on it?

I have used 207RR's on my VTR1000 before and found the front prone to scalloping which made for some interesting characteristics when dropping down to greater lean angles, it hasn't happened on this set yet.

So tyre guru's - can someone give me some advice here? I'm starting to think of going to Pirelli ...



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