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Old 26-Jun-2003, 09:29 PM
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DSC Trackday Preparation Guidance

Many of you are experienced trackday enthusiasts and will have your own checklists of how to prepare and what to bring. For the first timers out there, below you'll find a fairly comprehensive list.


How are you getting to the race track?

The best option is to transport the bike and stay overnight. Trackdays can be exhausting and the last thing you want to do is ride home, although I've done it many times, it's far better with transport. With a van, you'll need a plank/ramp to get the bike in. Take care with the height of your belly pan as it may hit the van floor on the way in. If it does, you'll need someone pretty strong to lift the plank with the bike on it. If using a plank, it's safer to have someone secure it to ensure it doesn't move as your half way up. If you've not done it before, find a friend to help you, if not, the trick is to line the wheels up and do it in one push as you walk into the van. Be positive, as getting stuck half way up is not funny. With transport, you can bring all the things you might needs, like tools, paddock stand etc. If you're in a car with a trailer, or in a van, it's easy to forget the things you'd normally wear on the bike, and things like your key and alarm fob. You'll need some ties to secure the bike - use more than you think you need. In a van, you'll need something like a cushion or tyre to protect the bike as you secure it to the side of the van.

On the bike, you'll be limited to what you can bring, but there are a number of essentials in the list below. As long as you have the bike to ride, you should be able to borrow most things on the day from friendly members.

Preparing your bike.

Do all the checks you would normally do POWER - Petrol - ensure the tank is full when you turn up. There is a garage close to the circuit if fuel is not available at the circuit. If you have transport, bring a jerry can. The novice group should get away with a full tank. Those of you who are a little more throttle happy will need a top up.

Oil - check your level.
Water - check your level.
Electrics - check everything works and that all cables nuts and bolts are secure.

Rubber - check your tyres for wear and cracks/foreign objects. Not changing a worn tyre is a false economy. If in doubt - change it. If the day is wet, you'll need all the tread you can get. If dry, the tyre is likely to be squared off and will not give you the best grip/handling. Don't worry about scrubbing in a new tyre, you can go for a blast on the nearby roads, or just take it really easy in the first session and it will be completely scrubbed in. There will be tyre changing and purchasing facilities on the day. You may wish to drop your tyre pressures. There is plenty of conflicting advice out there, but you may wish to reduce by 4-6 as you'll generate more heat than you normally would on the road. In saying that, I've ridden to plenty of trackdays, had a ball and ridden back without changing my tyre pressures.

If you're removing anything, or fitting trackday bodywork, just ensure all bolts etc are secure.
Check your chain is clean, lubed and at the correct tension.
Check you have plenty of life left in your brake pads.

Bikes are no longer scrutineered due to the potential for claims against the organisers, but it is still good practice to tape up any glass like headlights etc.

Also tape up your speedo - you won't need it and it's just a distraction you don't need.
Remove or tape over your mirrors - again, you don't need to know what is behind you and they are just a distraction - if you look and there is someone there, what are you going to do - sit the bike up and go off the track - no!

Tyre guage and pump, basic tools, gaffa tape, cable ties to secure your fairing to the frame if necessary when you remove the mirrors.
Tyre warmers, gennie, laptimers etc for the keen ones.

Preparing yourself

Get some sleep - trackdays are hard work.
Try not to drink the night before, especially to excess as you will need every brain cell you have to concentrate at 9.00am in the morning.
Drink plenty of water on the day, especially if it's warm - you will lose at least two litres of fluid - once you're thirsty, it's probably too late.
Full one piece leathers or zip together two piece are a must, Helmet, gloves and a spare pair if it's wet, particularly if you are riding home.
Boots, back protector is highly recommended.
Ear plugs.
Spare sliders for the optimistic.
Dark visor and sunglasses, spectacles or spare contacts if you wear them.
Driving licence, both parts - don't forget - you'll be gutted selling your place to someone who has brought theirs.
Headache tablets, Setlers, any medication you're on, camera and film, wallet, credit cards, cash, mobile phone.

If you're camping overnight, you'll no doubt have your own list, but tent, sleeping bag, blanket, mattress for those with bad backs, pillow, burner, gas, tea, milk, sugar, matches, mug, spoon. Towel and toiletries, food and drink, disposable BBQ, bottle opener and corkscrew if you're on the vino.

Probably loads more I've forgotten, so the experienced boys, please add your ideas below. Any novices out there, feel free to post questions, I'm sure people more experienced than me will answer you.

Not long to go now - yippee


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Old 27-Jun-2010, 11:09 AM
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Trackday Checklist

OK I wanted to refresh my memory for TD essentials, so I dug out a checklist from Wee Jonny B - it was for Mallory but lots apply to any TD.

You need to get used to his humor anyways

Essentials that I now need to remember:



Cheers - Frank
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Old 27-Jun-2010, 12:52 PM
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Good grief Frank, that's from 2003

Not exactly what I would write now given another 7 years of trackdays and racing, but lots of it still applies.

There will be fuel on circuit, not sure about a tyre guy. it's going to be hot hot hot so I suspect I'll **** a set of tyres. Hat, sunglasses, water galore, suncream, shorts, sandals, (+white socks), trunks, frizbee, snorkel and flippers...oops wrong list, I'm just going through my trackday checklist, I haven't raced since last year so trying to remember where all the things are for sleeping in the van. Remember your licence althouth they will phone for you these days. There is no power at Cadwell, but there are showers - I am bringing 4 changes of under-leathers gear for morning/aft both days as it is going to be hot hot hot and even hotter.

See you for track walk about 7.30 if the roads are ok after the footie.

Pillow, nearly forgot, oh and light for inside the van at night

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Old 27-Jun-2010, 01:02 PM
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Ive blagged a genny out of a mate so il have a bit of leccy...
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Old 27-Jun-2010, 04:16 PM
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bring a fridge in that case

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