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Old 21-Jan-2005, 03:26 PM
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We have to buy and fit transponders to the bikes. I believe these are quite exspensive? Is there any plan to buy as a group to keep the cost down? Is there any particular make or model to get.
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Old 21-Jan-2005, 08:26 PM
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Luckily I already have one and my spare is missing in action on the Isle of Man, submerged in a Peat Bog known as the Black Dub.
when I loaned mine out to a Irish lad for the Manx GP I found myself entering a race with New Era and having to rent one, 10 for the hire and 50 deposit. Mounting Brackets were 5 to buy but mine was already fitted.
So on the morning of race day I handed over 60 and my ACU licence and at the end of the day I returned the transponder and got 50 and my licence back.
May be worth a call to New ERA to see what tis years Policy and pricing is.

Here is the North Glos info on it including suppliers
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Old 21-Jan-2005, 11:46 PM
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Already contacted New Era and the DD management about this...

New Era say they have ran out of transponders so will be getting a full stock to start the season so there will be no problems with availability at the meets. They also confirmed the prices Skids mentioned above.

I've tracked down a company flogging the fixed units (i.e. permanantly wire to the bike) for 175, and it's not hard to sell them on for 150 when you're done. One went on ebay recently for 163!!!
If you're planning on buying one then it's the TranX260 you'll be needing.

I'm going to be renting one because I can't be shedding that much money from my budget, even tho I'd get most of it back when the dust settles.
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