WDW2012 – The Chairman’s Adventure

So in the interest of kicking things off on this nifty new piece of blogging software that I’ve just installed, I thought it would be good if I added some words about the upcoming WDW2012 and what it means for me, your Chairman.

My WDW will actually start a lot earlier, Saturday 16th June in fact, as I will be taking part in my first ever World Presidents Meeting, or WPM for short! This is the annual meeting of Club Presidents from around the world who are invited by Ducati to go and get brainwashed educated on what’s going on at Ducati.

But wait! I thought you said you were the Chairman? I hear you cry! Well, yes, I am strictly speaking the Chairman but as the MT doesn’t actually have a President other than our Honorary President of Carl Fogarty (you might of heard of him!) then I’m the next best thing so I get to go instead.

So what will we be doing this year? There is a whole week of stuff going on, and you can see the itinerary at the WPM website. Yes, I’m doing the full week and yes, it comes out of my pocket as it’s a jolly rather than a Club necessity. It is bloody good value though!

I will be heading out on a cheapy flight from Stansted airport, about 20 minutes up the road from me, next Friday and staying overnight up the road from the Factory in Bologna as we meet at the Factory at 9am on Saturday and the flight wouldn’t get there early enough. Luckily I’m no stranger to Bologna, the airport or the Factory, having organised the Club’s Factory Trips for the last 6 or 7 years now – I’ve lost count!

So I will be blogging pretty irregularly over the next couple of weeks so you can keep tabs on where I am and what I’m up to!

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