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DSC - Hiding the bike pictures at the top of each page
At the very bottom of the screen is a drop-down box marked "Default Style".

You can now try out Yellow and Charcoal colour schemes as well as the standard red scheme.

Each one also has an option suffixed with 'NoHead' - this is the same scheme as normal except the very top banner containing the DSC logo is not shown.

This saves screen space for those that don't need to be reminded which website they're viewing !!

DSC - Weblink / Bookmark for 'Todays Posts'...
You will need to copy this link into an existing shortcut.

Dont try to create the shortcut from this link or the results might be inncorrect.


DSC - Work friendly colour scheme

The 'PlainWhite' colour scheme is designed to be work environment friendly. It is loosely based upon the colour scheme used within Microsofts MSDN website and wherever possible excludes images from being shown.

The result of this layout is a very simple, non-obtrusive scheme that hopefully does not attract too much attention in a standard office environment.

NOTE - in all cases employees should consult their local terms and conditions of employment and be aware of any web usage policy in place before viewing this website.

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