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Reload this Page 996s Stolen from Isle of dogs 9th May 2005
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Stolen Bikes Please read the guidelines on this thread before posting an entry

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Old 10-May-2005, 07:43 PM
Redrocket996 Redrocket996 is offline
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996s Stolen from Isle of dogs 9th May 2005

Bike stolen is a Red Ducati 996s REG NO. AO0 2KPV
Carbon termgnonis, Gilles rearsets, carbon hugger, stomp tank grips, carbon sps exhaust protector, Matris steering damper Carbon tank pad, carbon tank key guard. New supercorsa's

Here's the story. Firstly I've got an apartment in London docklands and I stay there sometime when I need to be in London I work abroad and so I'm there very rarely and up until a month aor so ago I was living in the South of France. As had my 03 R1 stolen from here this time a year ago I couldn't get insured to keep my bike in London which was not a huge problem as I kept it with my sister or my mum anyway as they've both got garages and my brother in law could look after it for me when I was away (he's got an 03 fireblade). Well as I was planning to ride down to France on Wednesday and I had some stuff to finish up in London today I drove up to my sisters yesterday left my car with her and rode back on my bike Ducati 996s.
I got back at around 8:30 in the evening and as I was riding into my apartment complex I rode past a group of kids who were hanging out near a kebab shop on the corner. When they saw my bike they got all excited and cheeered for me to pull a wheelie but I just ignored them and rode on. I was a little paranoid that the had seen me go into the complex and kept a watch to see that I wasn't being followed. As I rode into my garage I could see a kid on his phone running close to where I had parked my bike he then met another kid and they walked off together. I felt a little uneasy about him as he had definitely seen where my bike was parked and I was very paranoid. I then locked up my bike with a large cable attached to a ground anchor, 1 large cufflink lock attached to another ground anchor, a disclock and alarmed and immobiled the bike, I then put a cover over it and as it was in a secluded corner right next to the apartment security / concierge office I felt that it should be safe. For good measure as I walked past the concierge office I told the 2 security guys (one of them Tom had been on duty when my R1 was stolen) that my bike was there and I really needed them to keep a close watch on it. I also explained that it would only be there for 1 night. That was at 8:25pm

At 11:25 pm Tom the security guard who had been on duty when my last bike was stolen called me to say that my bike had just been stolen!!!!WTF. He then explained that he had been locking up the swimming pool and gym and when he got back the other guard had told him that the bike had just been stolen!!

Here's where it get's interesting. 2 people saw it happening as it was only 11:15 when it happened and one guy ran into the security office and told the guard. The office is 15ft from the car park where my bike was being stolen. At this point two guys were picking my bike up and putting it into a big white van. So what did this guy do? He messed around with the cctv to see if he could get them on camera. The entrance to the car park is quite a tight turn and in a big van would be slow and tricky so they could not make a quick getaway. He could have walked out (not run) and physically seen what was going on!! Anyway they get away and when he does get the van on camera the number plate has some sort of reflective lighting so you can't read the number. I then later find out that the camera that directly covers the car park where my bike was kept went offline due to a technical problem at 11:11. And so there is no other footage of the theft.

I didn't sleep much lastnight and after anylzing all the information this is what it sounds like happened.

The second decurity guard heard my bike was there and called his mates to get the van ready and prepare to lift my bike. I have since found out that he commented last night after the theft that he was suprised how hard I have taken it as he knew that I work security in the middle east and had heard that we're all getting paid around $10,000 US a week and so I could easily afford to replace it and so he was suprised about how the theft had affected me just like it would a "normal person"!! Unfortunately I don't get paid near that but still it's interesting that he thought that. Anyway back to the story.

My last bike was stolen at around 3:00am which seems to be the usual MO for bike thieves for this one to be stolen so early and so close to the estate office is very strange. I believe the cameras suffered a technical fault at 11:11pm Tom had just left to lock up the gym and so matey called in his friends early who were hanging around somewhere close. It took them a matter of seconds to cut off all the locks and cables pick up th bike and stick it in the van. They were caught in the act but still got away as of course the security guard didn't attempt to get their number or stop them and didn't call the police until they were long gone and then the only description he could give was that they were in a white van.

I am so ****ed off the security guard is either a total moran or involved and I'm tempted to torture the truth out of him but I would rather the police followed this allup but they don't seem that rushed to do much as to them it's harrdly crime of the century!

Also I can't rule out the kid on the phone who I saw earlier maybe being involved though it sounds to me like that it is the security guard.

Whatever I've lost my bike if I claim on the insurance it will be a hard battle and should they pay up I will probably be refused insurance next year and so my biking days could be over for a while

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Old 10-May-2005, 07:56 PM
nathanhu's Avatar
nathanhu nathanhu is offline
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if you own a gun ..use it........
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Old 10-May-2005, 07:57 PM
nathanhu's Avatar
nathanhu nathanhu is offline
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and you wonder why people dont want to live in the uk!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can not imagine your fustration..........
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Old 10-May-2005, 08:47 PM
weeian weeian is offline
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This sort of thing happened to my mate a while ago with his works van parked up with about 10k worth of Tools inside.

What we did was set up our own sting, we parked up another van 1 month later then lay in wait for the theifs. to cut a long story short they got what was coming to them and all our tools back. Havnt had any more hassle since.

Im sooo gutted for you m8, its the worst feeling in the world, feeling of violation.

if you are this sort of person then take matters into your own hands, if the insurance dont pay up.

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Old 10-May-2005, 08:51 PM
GsxrAge's Avatar
GsxrAge GsxrAge is offline
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Sorry to hear about your loss mate

We should cut there hands off
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Old 11-May-2005, 12:34 AM
BDG's Avatar
BDG BDG is offline
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Utter *******s, i feel sorry for you mate especially as it sounds well dodgy.

Hope you can get to the bottom of it and get a result.
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Old 12-May-2005, 10:59 AM
Rotty Rotty is offline
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Damn, this is horrible!

Just a few thoughts -

Who pays for the security guards? Presumably it's you indirectly? Therefore you may have recourse against their employers... either contact them direct and ask them what they are going to do about it (possibly hinting the involvment of the newspapers) or involve a firm of no win no fee solicitors? What about the residents association if there is one? If I lived in the flats I would want to know about this!!!

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Old 12-May-2005, 12:09 PM
misterpink's Avatar
misterpink misterpink is offline
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summat stinks! Rotty is right - must be some procedure that the security guard should have followed, direct line to the police? any door/barrier that could have been put down.

what do you have to do to keep your hard earned possessions these days? doesn't matter how much you do/don't earn etc. we all pay for our pleasures and it is (expletives) when somebody just takes it!
good luck in the future
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Old 12-May-2005, 11:01 PM
Redrocket996 Redrocket996 is offline
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Thanks, to be honest after all this I'm not now sure that the guards were involved they may just be stupid and unlucky rather than dishonest hard to say.
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Old 12-May-2005, 11:09 PM
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Col996s Col996s is offline
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Whether the security guards were directly involved or not they were not doing their job and so should be replaced with ones that can.
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