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Old 19-Sep-2005, 07:00 PM
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Tyres & power commanders

Can u help me ?

recently bought a good 998, with carbon termi's, would like to improve power with either different ecu or power commander with current ECU. mine says "silenci 45mm" on it which i think is the standard one.

Next Q? is regarding tyres, and what is best a 180/55 or 190/50, today i have 190/50 Avaon Azaro, which is OK, but a bit slow steering. But i've seen lots of 916 and 996's on 180/55, and as far as i know, the chassis's are identical, bar ohlins / showa changes.
I 'm running standard 5.50 rear RIM SIZE.

Thanks in advance
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Old 19-Sep-2005, 07:29 PM
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180/55 thats the way to go

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Old 19-Sep-2005, 07:46 PM
Mr_S Mr_S is offline
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180/55 for the tyre

Why not use an Ultimap ECU instead of a PC. It's a lot more configurable (front & rear cylinder maps for a start)


I believe Sigma import them, and I know that MotoRapido in Winchester fit and configure them

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Old 19-Sep-2005, 10:13 PM
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Definitely the 180 with a Bridgestone 014.
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Old 19-Sep-2005, 10:31 PM
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Nah, go with a TT100 in 4.25x19!
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Old 20-Sep-2005, 10:10 AM
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To make the best of what you have engine wise make sure all the standard stuff is set up perfectly. e.g. throttle postion sensor, cams etc. A few hundred pounds spent on making sure everything is set as it should be can make a big difference to the throttle response and a few BHP.

A power commander can help with fueling and the latest ones can be mapped for both front rear cylinders separately.

Maybe Junk the air intake mesh, fit pipercross in tube filters (and the air box restrictors if fitted?)

Thats probably as far as you can go without starting to spend a four figure sum.

The FIM ecu is good but more expensive, yer makes yer choice and pays yer money. There are a good few specialists on here who would probably be able to help you achieve what you are aiming for.


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Old 20-Sep-2005, 01:51 PM
spinoli1 spinoli1 is offline
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I would go with what Ray says.

- VITAL - Make sure the cam belts have been renewed according to the service schedule.
- Remove restrictors from airtubes (free).
- Fit 14 tooth front sprocket (15) - or larger rear sprocket (more dosh)
- Get the cam timing dialed in. You will not know how good a Duc motor can be until this is done (200 to 300 - ouch, but crucial).
- I understand that the PC111USB allows different maps for each cylinder - this is the route I have chosen (with a bit of internetery you can get hold of one direct from the US for under 200 I think). Try Dynojet's own website for a price. Will need setting up properly by a dyno operator with Tuning Link software (JHP, PDQ, Crescent...)
- If you have any cash left get the 4 - pad clipers (about 250). This is worth every penny and more.

Finally, there are some Ducati Performanace upgrade kits around for silly money - Include S/R cams, 996R ICU and 45/50mm 1/2 system and carbon or Ti cans. List for these is over 1,500. Can be found for around 750. Try:

Pro-Twins - 01342 892 888
Bike-Enders (Jim) - 01708 455530

I got one and now my bike goes zoom.

- Tyres - 180 every time.

Good luck and enjoy!


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[Edited on 20-9-2005 by spinoli1]
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