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Old 20-Oct-2005, 09:07 AM
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webbyc webbyc is offline
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Ducati Corse
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Ducati Insurance

So I ring up my current insurers, Carole Nash, with whom I renewed on 6 September, to tell them I've changed my bike from the S4R to a 996SPS. Thank you for telling us sir and your premium will now go up from 261 to 461, also we need to cancel the original ppolicy and take out a new one and the return premium will be 123 - so that's 138 for 6 weeks cover!!! I ask them to look further into the market and get back to me.

In the meantime I contact Ducati Insurance and they quote me 344 for both bikes (SPS and Norton). Since Carole Nash can't improve their terms I've now switched to Ducati Insurance. I have now written to Carole Nash asking for an explanation.

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Old 20-Oct-2005, 09:40 AM
Ian Harris's Avatar
Ian Harris Ian Harris is offline
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Insurance is so screwed up...I switched from a Firestorm to a 996R and Carole Nash were by far the best deal, my premium only went up by about 50. The deal a company offers you seems totally random sometimes, or maybe you just got a sales agent who couldn't be arsed to check all the options Chris. Anyway, 344 sounds pretty good for both bikes.
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Old 20-Oct-2005, 10:32 AM
Stu748R Stu748R is offline
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Big Twin
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I,ve been with Ducati insurance for 2 years now and have found them to be very good,my renewal this year for my 748R (including all my bling and termi's) and R1 worked out at 329 with only a 250 excess with N U.They didnt insist on cancelling my policy when i added another bike to my policy and have said that i could have up to 5 bikes on it.
Be warned that 2 years ago i and si 853 and Bennelli dave went to the Ally pally bike show and recieved several quotes from most of the well known companies and despite on the face of it being keen quotes and admitting that Termi's had been fitted , subsequently found out that they dont insure bikes with noisy pipes so had i made a claim they probably would have not paid up.
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Old 21-Nov-2005, 04:29 AM
adnydrum adnydrum is offline
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Duc Insurance are decent. I moved from an address in Harrow with no garage (evil area for crime) to Finchley. (leafy and suburban) When I advised them Carole Nash announced I must either a) acquire a garage b) keep the bike in the house or c) accept cancellation with no refund. I rented a lockup. CN still not interested in my postcode! Ducati Insurance: no problem. TPFT on a '99 900SSie, clean licence & full ncb: 96. Result, say I.
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Old 21-Nov-2005, 06:01 PM
bike mad's Avatar
bike mad bike mad is offline
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Ducati insurance were the cheapest for me, and NOT by a little but by alot, infact I would not of bought the bike if it wasnt for Ducati insurance giving me a quote I could afford, thats how cheap there were,
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Old 31-Jan-2006, 09:55 PM
sharpo's Avatar
sharpo sharpo is offline
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Just done an online quote with Ducati insurance, 116.

This can't be right surely.

I hope it is though.
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Old 31-Jan-2006, 10:00 PM
phoenix n max phoenix n max is offline
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Ducati Meccanica
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I had to play quite a few people off against each other to get a decent quote for my 18 yr old on his Monster.
Ducati were originally the best with 690 but when i went back to his current insurers and back and forth once or twice I stayed with current one for 460.
I will be trying Ducati for mine again when it's due but as I only paid 125 last year fully comp I don't expect it to be beaten really.
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Old 01-Feb-2006, 10:28 AM
moor-ph0 moor-ph0 is offline
Registered Forum User
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Thinking of changing my insurance company and considering this company http://www.ebikeinsurance.co.uk/
They're an on-line company and seem to give good quotes.
For example a bike list comprising : Ducati 1000i.e, 999, Triumph Bonnevile T140V and a Harley Dyna low rider. FC with full no claims. Alarms fitted to all bikes and garaged.
Cost 563.
If you add points for speeding seems to have no effect. Phoned the company and queried the points but they replied "with so many people getting point for speeding it will probably make little or no difference to the quote".
Seems odd - has anybody used this company?
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Old 01-Feb-2006, 11:23 AM
jeff st4s's Avatar
jeff st4s jeff st4s is offline
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Had the same issues, was with carol nash for my bmw, just renewed it wanted to add my st4s onto the policy.
It would of cost far more than expected if I had added another bike on to that policy. So after some advice end I cancelled carol nash, made a loss and got a refund.
Then I go to Ducati Insurance for both bikes, ok you have to start adding a few things on that carol nash throw in as standard, but it is still cheaper.
Hurrah for Ducati Insurance, that is, until you need them and they shaft you.
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Old 01-Feb-2006, 07:37 PM
Andy749S Andy749S is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 27
Join Date: Dec 2005
I am just in the process of getting a new 749S on 1st March. Have been with Bennets for years and have switched to Ducati Insurance as Bennetts wanted a third more than DI. I declined their offer.
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