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Old 15-Mar-2006, 01:47 PM
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Marchesini Wheels

Anyone know if marchesinis from an ST2 would fit 888?

A rear wheel on eaby but unsure if it would fit. Looking to get a pair of wheels this year for bike but seem hard to come by.

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Old 15-Mar-2006, 02:18 PM
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ST2's have 3 spoke brembo wheels, not marchesinis. the only ST that has Marchis as standard is the ST4S.

They can be persuaded to fit, I think, but you will definitely need different bearing sizes because the ST has a bigger diameter axle, so you'll need bearings with the same outer race diameter as the wheel needs, but smaller diameter inner races to fit the smaller axle on the 888. Either that or you can get your chain adjusters and swingarm modified to take a bigger axle.

I thought about doing the same to my 888, but then realised that the you are never going to get mag marchis on an ST - it's a sport tourer, designed to take a pillion and luggage, so the marchesini wheels are going to be ally ones and probably not much lighter than the three spokers. OK if you just want the looks, but won't offer you any major benefits of lighter wheels

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Old 15-Mar-2006, 02:23 PM
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I managed to buy a new pair of 5 spoke mags that where originally intended for an ST4s. Converted the front to a 20mm axle and on the rear did a 17mm axle conversion first, but now have a 25mm rear axle in the 888.

It can all be done.

Rgds, Rob
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Old 15-Mar-2006, 02:28 PM
alan_db alan_db is offline
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Cheers guys for replies.

Jools, I thought that marchesinis were only on the ST4S and not the ST2, thanks for confirmation.

Rob, good to know that the ST4S wheels can be modified to suit. May well be picking your brains on how to do it later in year.

Out of interest how much roughly does a pair of these wheels cost - 800ish and are they easy to come by?

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