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Old 27-May-2003, 01:31 AM
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Oil Light at tickover

Any ideas why my oil light comes on at tickover when the bikes warm (180 degree'ish), goes out as soon as I had just a couple of hundred rpm it goes straight out ..?????

& Tim a hammer is definately not needed ...!!!

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Old 27-May-2003, 08:35 AM
bazzer sps bazzer sps is offline
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Mine did that last summer when stuck in heavy traffic the light pulsed in time with the engine, it worried me but i was advised it was nothing to worry about prividing it went out as soon as the rev's rise.It only happens when the engine is very hot. I hope this helps
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Old 27-May-2003, 08:35 AM
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2 known problems the most commom is the oil pressure switch failing, check if there is any sign of oil around the switch, if there is replace the switch. The second is rare on later bikes but potentially serious there is a plug in the crankshaft that has been known to back out and destroy itself on the main bearing, from what you describe it sounds like the switch.

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Old 27-May-2003, 08:41 AM
ducatimad ducatimad is offline
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Low oil pressure? The light comes on as the pressure drops below the minimum level. A cold engine generates higher oil pressure due to 'thick' cold oil. As the engine and therefore oil heats up it thins reducing pressure. Increasing engine speed also increases the oil pressure hense the light goes out.

Also too thin (wrong viscosity) or very old oil can reduce the oil pressure. Could also be an oil leak.

I'd change the oil, check for leaks and then get it checked if no change. Could also be a faulty oil pressure warning switch.

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Old 27-May-2003, 08:43 AM
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Same Symptoms when the oil pressure switch failed on my Y2K 996 - I ignored until it emptied the sump all over the back wheel on the way back from Brands to M/cr so get it sorted sooner rathewr than later!!
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Old 27-May-2003, 09:24 AM
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It doubles as an \"overweight sensor\".....

Sorry to hear of your weight indication fault.

Its a little known feature on the Ducati of the oil light doubling as a "one at a time" sensor for portly chaps!!!!

You squashed her last week at Brands and caused her to cry oil, she feels that you've not really been listening to her and has to show you in another way that "you ate all the pies"

Or get a big hammer out and give that light a clout - you'll get no problems with her after that!!!!!

p.s. - Be good to yourself!!

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Old 27-May-2003, 10:04 AM
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Go for the switch, I've gone through 3 up to now, the first time, I let it linger for a while, until hot oil started spewing out of the top of the switch, onto an open clutch, thus slipping clutch...

I think they're about 11 each... not life threatening!
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Old 27-May-2003, 10:41 AM
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Yeah, it's the oil pressure switch. I had the exact same thing in the winter. It starts off by coming on at idle and going out again when you blip it, but after a while it'll start to get worse. Mine started flickering and then staying on solidly about 5-6miles into each ride. Since I knew I had enough oil, and knowing that if the oil pressure had been low it would've started to make expensive grinding noises after a few miles, I did a couple of hundred miles on it before Nelly replaced it at service time.
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Old 27-May-2003, 01:46 PM
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Not wanting to scare-monger, but my 748Bip had exactly the same symptoms (red light flickering at tickover, went out when throttle opened).

I figured it was the O/P switch too.
Continued to ride the bike down to the S. of France until the main bearing let go in a big stylee.

Best to have it checked. Main dealers should have a tool that plugs in where the O/P switch houses itself and they can then confirm your O/P is in line with the recommended numbers.

My repair list included new crank, front con-rod and piston and a helluva lot of time and labour.....thank god for warranty
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Old 27-May-2003, 02:25 PM
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Well having only got the bike back from a major service and parted with the best part of a grand, I have today consulted my dealer who recommend the switch change as they reckon that any of the "other" probs would have been seen whilst they had it in bits .... So thats what I'm goingto do ....

Are they easy to fit ..??

When replying please remember my mechanical abilities dont go much beyond plugging in the microwave .....

Tim ...

I love your humour ..... If I really were THAT big I'd be offended ..... barsteward ....

You out next Sunday, I think Neil Spalding from Sigma is out to play ...
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