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Old 15-Nov-2006, 01:12 PM
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Tyre weight

i'm looking for the info again, gave a list of tyres, and their associated weights.

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Old 15-Nov-2006, 01:28 PM
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Yep...the post may have been on the old board so you may not find it now.

As for the outcome, from memeory the Dunlops (207Rs at the time) were the heaviest, with the pirellis being the lightest.

The weight difference was the equivalent to the weight saving from switching from standard wheels to lightweight performance items...a real eye opener!!!!
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Old 15-Nov-2006, 02:27 PM
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Here's some more too.



AV59 Viper 120/7O-ZR17 116mm 9.53 lbs
AV60 Viper 180/55-ZR17 188mm 13.26 lbs AV60 Viper 190/50-ZR17 195mm 12.86 lbs

BT-014 120/7O-ZR17 119mm 8.51 lbs
BT-014 180/55-ZR17 186mm 13.31 lbs
BT-014 190/50-ZR17 193mm 13.86 lbs

ContiSport Attack 120/7O-ZR17 119mm 10.03 lbs ContiSport Attack 180/55-ZR17 178mm 14.34 lbs ContiSPort Attack 190/50-ZR17 190mm 14.54 lbs

Qualifier 120/70-ZR17 119mm 9.73 lbs
Qualifier 180/55-ZR17 188mm 13.48 lbs
Qualifier 190/50-ZR17 195mm 13.76 lbs

Sportec M-l 120/7O-ZR17 119mm 8.8 lbs
Sportec M-l 180/55-ZR17 176mm 12.46 lbs Sportec M-l 190/50-ZR17 191mm 13.06 ls

PilotPower 120/7O-ZR17 117mm 9.33 lbs
PilotPower 180/55-ZR17 183mm 12.2 lbs
PilotPower 190/50-ZR17 195mm 12.88 lbs

Diablo 120/7O-ZR17 118mm 8.9 lbs
Diablo 180/55-ZR17 179mm 12.78 lbs
Diablo 190/50-ZR17 194mm 13.22 lbs
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Old 15-Nov-2006, 04:58 PM
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Old 15-Nov-2006, 05:46 PM
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I wonder why some of the lighter fronts seem to have the heavier rears and vice versa ???

And, is it better to have a lighter front or a lighter rear (I don't suppose J-Lo would think so) but on a bike I read, in Twist of the Wrist I think, that you "steer for the rear". Thinking about it, the lighter the tyre the quicker the bike will steer. But on the front, you're helping the wheel crank over because your countersteering and the gyroscopic precession you create will help it. The rear wheel gets no help from precession, it seems to me that the rear wheel follows in getting cranked over simply through the stiffness of the frame...by brute force almost. That would make me think that the lighter rear would be better.

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