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DSC & Ducati Events Local, national & worldwide Ducati related event notices, many aimed towards full club members

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Old 20-Apr-2016, 01:42 PM
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Post WDW2016 - Hints and Tips for Making the Most of the Event!

Here's some thoughts on getting the most out of your trip to WDW2016! These come from my own experiences of visiting WDW2012 and WDW2014, and looking back on things that I wanted to do or wished that I had done differently.

Please feel free to add your own tips and comments below!

WDW - When/Where is it?

WDW is held at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli race track in Rimini, which is on the east cost of Italy, from Friday 1st July through to Sunday 3rd Jult 2016.
The circuit is here: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/...afdaa09cd d7b

Typically people stay on the coast in Rimini, which is comprised of Gabbice Mare to the south, then heading north is Cattolica and then Riccione in the middle and Rimini further to the north. Cattolica is the closest to the circuit and Riccione not much further away.

Cattolica and Riccione are both popular Italian holiday destinations and are full of hotels that are setup for tourists. Given that the Italian holiday season is August, you should be able to find a cheap deal at most of the hotels there. Rimini is a bit more "upmarket" and also further away too. Gabbice Mare is also more upmarket and built around the marina.

Most of the hotels along the coast have parking space for cars, so fitting bikes in is not a problem. There will be loads of Ducatis around during WDW, and a lot of the hotels take part and will decorate the hotels with Ducati flags and banners too!

There is one main road that runs from the north of Cattolica through Riccione called Viale Milano. This is where all the hotels are, and a single row of hotels that lead directly onto the beach on one side, then hotels the other with rows of hotels going back into town.

What happens at WDW?

The event is at the track itself. There are stands in and around the paddock area which will have displays, such as the current range of bikes, some of the custom bikes, displays from the museum of race bikes and race leathers and so on, along with company displays (eg Shell, various sponsors, etc) along with cafe and bar areas. Obviously you can wander around these as much as you like.

Throughout the day will be specific events. These can be things that happen on the track, such as display laps from Ducati riders old and new, through to tech talks in some of the office areas at the track, to meet and greet / autograph sessions with the riders in the pit garages.

There will also be events away from the track that are both official (organised by Ducati) as well as unofficial (organised by the Clubs or informal meeting places), for example at WDW2014 there was a Scrambler Beach Party on the beach at Riccione on the saturday evening.

Once you get the programme of events (Ducati have not release this yet and I will update this thread once they do) then you should read through it and plan before you arrive. Some events only happen once, some repeat, so make sure you plan and see the things you want to see and know what's going on. It's really easy to miss an autograph session with the MotoGP team for example, and these are really popular so you won't get a look-in if you turn up late!


You need a ticket to get in, and you can buy them cheap through the club: http://www.ducatisportingclub.com/sh....php?p=1006967

We get tickets at €45 each instead of the regular price of €90 for the public. You can opt to either have the tickets delivered to your home address or collect them at the circuit.

If you collect them at the circuit you will need a copy of your ticket order confirmation which has the bar-code on it. Head to the ticket collection area and find an empty queue - in the past these are organised by surname letter - and show your bar-code and you'll get your tickets.

Strictly speaking you don't get tickets but wrist bands.

If you are a "visitor" ticket without a bike, you just wear your wrist band and show this to enter the circuit. You will not be allowed to take any vehicle onto the site with this visitor ticket/band, but there is plenty of parking outside the circuit.

If you are a "rider" ticket, you will receive two bands - one has a picture of a bike on it, the other has a picture of a person. Put the person one on your wrist and the bike one on your bike somewhere where it can easily seen but not removed - the top yoke is always a good place. When you arrive at the circuit, your bike is checked for the bike band and the number will be checked against that on your wrist band. If the two match, you get in, otherwise you will not be allowed entry. Similarly, to exit the track you must show your wrist band and bike band and they must match, and there are police at the exit points and they have guns!

This makes the event really secure, as no cars or vans are allowed into the circuit at all, and bikes are checked going both in and out of the circuit.

Shops at the Circuit

There will be bars to buy drinks (inc beers) and food. It's typically Italian so expect lots of mini-pizzas (pizzette) and rolls with cheese and meat rather than burgers and chips!

Previously there has been a factory outlet shop which has old stock to clear at seriously reduced prices. We've seen leather suits for as little as €150 along with cheap helmets, t-shirts, shoes, boots, gloves, etc. It is normally old stock, samples, returns, that kind of thing, so no guarantee on availability but it will be cheap. Go and find it and have a look, but beware that the big bargains go early on the friday when it opens and expect to queue to get in as well!

The shop has also previously provided a postage service so you can send stuff home rather than take it with you. The prices are actually pretty cheap with a big box to get a helmet, some leather, t-shirts and so on was around €30, so certainly worth taking advantage of. We know of people who buy cheap leather to sell on ebay and fund their trip...

At WDW2014 there was also a Ducati Peformance outlet where you could browse through the brochures and buy parts from the catalogue. They held limited stock at the circuit but if you wanted anything else they could order this from the factory and get it for you usually the next day. Prices were discounted on some items but again there is limited availability so you may not get everything on your wish list. Again it's worth going here sooner rather than later to not only get the bargains but also give them time if they can order in for you.

Most of the shops will take cards as well as cash. There is a cash machine on site - don't expect the best fx rate - along with a petrol station should you be desperate for fuel.

Most of the meeting areas and cafes have wifi connections too, so you can use the internet without paying. These are pretty slow due to demand so don't expect to catch up on YouTube videos, but for facebook, twitter and emails it works fine.

Extras - Rideouts, Track sessions and Factory Tours?

Ducati also extra events during WDW. These are optional when you book, and you can also book at the circuit and through the website if you already have tickets (but this is not yet active!).

Local rideouts will take you through the countryside. There is also a trip to San Marino which is about 100km away from the circuit. These are great if you want to join an organised ride to see some local landmarks.

Track sessions will also be available to allow you to ride your own bike round the Misano track. It's not a trackday and you only get a couple of laps, but it's worth doing to say you've ridden Misano!

There may also be the opportunity for test rides on demonstrator bikes if you don't have your own, or just fancy riding one anyway. There may be a hire charge for helmets and leathers if you don't have your own.

The Ducati Factory at Bologna is about 100km away from Misano, along the A14 motorway, so it's really easy to get between the two. During WDW you will need to book, but this is free as you are a DSC member. Remember that the factory doesn't run at the weekend so you won't see anything being built! The tours may also be time limited to get more people through, so going before or after WDW is a better option.

The Ducati Museum above the factory is also closed for renovation until September, but most of the displays should be at WDW so you won't miss anything.

Evening Events

The circuit does close down for the evening so the party usually moves back into Cattolica or Riccione. You will always find people and bikes at the bar La Dolce Vita on the Viale Milano at Riccione. Its a small bar by the beach and you won't miss it as there will be hundreds of Ducatis there, most likely all through the night! It's not uncommon to see crowds of people watching Ducatis doing burnouts at 3am...

Meet Up!

The DSC will be at WDW2016 so please come and find us! All our ticket orders will already have contact details but you can also get hold of us through Facebook and Twitter too - get in touch and we'll let you know what's going on.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/ducatisportingclub
Twitter: http://twitter.com/d_s_c


Don't forget that it is Italy in July so it will be hot. WDW2014 topped 40C so not only was it sweltering but also a high risk of sunburn. Use sunscreen, drink plenty of fluids and take care of yourself and each other.

Most of all, enjoy the event. If you need help just ask! Either come and find someone from the DSC or speak to any of the staff members as they will be willing to help.

I'd rather die peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather,
than screaming in terror like his passengers.- Jim Harkins

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Old 22-Jun-2016, 02:23 PM
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The online programme of events has been released, along with a smartphone app!

More details: https://www.ducatisportingclub.com/s...d.php?t=453529

I'd rather die peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather,
than screaming in terror like his passengers.- Jim Harkins

Ducati 748S | Ducati Hypermotard 1100S | 600-620SS DesmoDue Racebike #111 <-- Sold!! | Avanti Race Parts
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