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Old 30-Nov-2003, 01:14 PM
paulmort paulmort is offline
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Looking for sum stuff for .....

Uncle Porry
Guys and Gals
Uncle Porry thinks he's going to get the Track Day bug next year and I suggested sum crashbungs for his 748.
I pointed him Nelly's way but fort you guys wiff 'em would know where to get, or have a secondhand, (untested, would be best) set .
Sorry its on this board but fort going right to the heart of the 74x/99x community would be best
u2u him, uncle porry is his u2u address
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Old 30-Nov-2003, 05:46 PM
Rattler's Avatar
Rattler Rattler is offline
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There\'s mixed reponses to this....

....I won;t fit them.

I figure they'd do more damage to the frame than the panels, and as long as you've got track panels fitted, there's no great harm done, but getting the frame repainted / repaired is a whole new world of pain!!!

In a big off they may well do better than not havine them, but if its that bigger crash, there's likely to be more than just superficial damage anyway!!

My advice - get some strong track fairings and avoid bungs!!

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Old 30-Nov-2003, 10:06 PM
nelly's Avatar
DSC Member nelly nelly is offline
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Ducati Corse
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I've seen two types fitted to Dukes. The first is a bracket that clamps around one of the frame tubes and lies on another for supprt. IMO these would destroy the frame.
The second type are those that mount to the forward engine mounting points, using a longer engine mounting bolt. These are a far better bet as the force would be directly onto the frame and engine and therefore less likely to bend the frame.
If it was a big enough off to damage the frame/engine with these fitted then I think that'd be the least of your problems.
Guido has these fitted and I know he's tested them out with some success. Drop him a U2U...........
You will have to cut your panels which ever ones you fit though.
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Old 01-Dec-2003, 08:38 AM
Felix Felix is offline
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Ducati Meccanica
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I had a set of the second type Nelly mentions and I would not fit them again. After my off at Oulton this year, they did more damage then good. The main problem with them is that the distance between the frame mounting point and the outside of the fairing is so long that it simply is too much leverage on the crash bung. Mine simply sheared off at the mounting point and left a huge gash in the fairing. Not recommended.

My approach is a decent set of race fairing and reinforce them with several layers of Kevlar at the point where they may rub through and damage parts under the fairing: battery, waterpump, bottom of right side case, area in front of the clutch, radiator.
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Old 01-Dec-2003, 10:41 AM
antonye's Avatar
DSC Member antonye antonye is offline
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It has to be said that Ducatis are actually designed to crash very well compared to your run-of-the-mill Japanese sports bike.

Expensive things like the exhausts are tucked away under the seat where they won't touch down in a low side, and when laid down the bike should be held up on a fixed footrest (rearset), wheels and handlebars. A good set of fairings with reinforcements will also help, as Felix says.

Having said that, it doesn't help if it goes bouncing down the road or decides to do a death roll into the nearst tyre wall, but I doubt any kind of crash bungs will help in that kind of situation anyway!
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Old 05-Dec-2003, 04:15 PM
Damo748 Damo748 is offline
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I wouldn't fit them based on what I've seen from various accidents. A mate of mine had some on his SP1 and they bent back and put a hole in the radiator which put an end to the track day. And the radiators are 500! This would not have happened if they weren't fitted and the bike would have just slid down the road.

I've seen them bend and do more damage, in most cases, than would have been done had they not been fitted (IMHO).
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