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Old 04-Dec-2003, 07:40 PM
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Some advice please

Can someone please tell me the joys pitfalls of owning a Ducati. I have an '03 R6 but in truth, I always wanted a proper Ducati (my first bike was a 750ss) and I'm thinking I might go for a 748.
I'd like to know if I should do it (I know what you are going to say) but also why I should. Can someone also explain the different model names like E, S, R, SPS etc etc. Does the 748 have enough poke for you. Any help and advice would be gratefully received. Thanks all.
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Old 04-Dec-2003, 08:32 PM
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Hi Michael,
I owned a 2000 W reg R6 until August last year, when I test rode a 748e, one week later I owned a a 748e (IN YELLOW), apart from service costs its like the bike I always wanted but, never found.

Get down to your local dealer & organise a test ride on one, not the 749.

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Old 04-Dec-2003, 09:09 PM
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I've had a 2001 748R from new. I'm now at 20k miles on it and can't wait for the first dry roads in over 6 weeks in order to have a blast this Saturday or Sunday. I still love it after all this time and miles.

I was that sad sole running it for 30m ins in the garage yesterday.

Like most vehicles, the different letters dictate the spec you'll get for your 's. On the 748's they'll all have a 748cc motor but each model up the ladder will have a slightly different state of tune in terms of it's engine and a slightly higher spec of components on the rest of the chassis (i.e. Ohlins over Showa, Carbon over plastic).

In most cases the SPS, S and R models will be single seaters with an ally subframe. On the Bip's & E's you'll have a steel subframe with a twin (Biposto) seat.

My 748Bip made me smile, but as you would expect, the R is an altogether different kettle of fish.

Go for it...you'll not be disappointed.

Where are you based? You could hook up with some of the folks on this board and get the feel of the bike for yourself (i.e. close-up looks, aura, sound, passion of the owner etc)
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Old 05-Dec-2003, 10:08 AM
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Best advice is to test ride one first. My mate had an SV650 and fancied a 748. Just to get an idea he had a fair blast on my 996. He decided he didnt like the riding, went out and bought an R6 and still wouldnt change it. His main dislike was the riding position. It doesnt bother me personally - but horses for courses and all that.
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Old 05-Dec-2003, 12:25 PM
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I had a zx6r which I was happy with but had always wanted a Ducati, in the end I went for a 996 mainly because I found a good one for sale locally.

Have a test ride on one, the riding position is... focused - you will either love it or hate it... personally, I can't get enough of it. When I get back on a friend's zx6r it feels so upright, almost like a tourer!

Good luck
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Old 05-Dec-2003, 02:02 PM
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I had a 99 R6(Marlboro rep),loved it but had always wanted a Duke.bought a 2000 748r in May(Wouldn't dream of owning UJM now).Riding position is "focused",mirrors are shite(who cares),bit of a nightmare around town on its standard gearing,1st/2nd gear mostly!!But the noise with race cans(Ti Termi's)is worth it just to wake Dozy car drivers up!mine is still getting used at the moment until it snows/ices up.Been out in torrential downpours with it,never missed a beat.Buy as late a model as you can afford as i believe the later ones had better quality control.Servicing at main stealers is expensive but go to someone like Nelly at Cornerspeed who has a very good rep.But as i told my missus when she said "how much" about the servicing cost,you don't buy a Ferrari and get it serviced at Halfords!!Final bit of advice is BUY ONE!!you won't regret it,would rather get rid of wife and kids than get rid of mine!!
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Old 05-Dec-2003, 02:17 PM
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In all fairness, I don't think that Ducati servicing prices are any worse than your standard Jap machine.

It's just that not many owners tend to have their machines serviced by factory mechanics because it's seen as a "disposable" bike rather than a classic machine like a Ducati is.

Obviously the servicing intervals on a UJM is much bigger, but check the prices of a major and minor service at an official dealer and you might be surprised!

Ducatis are usually owned by enthusiasts who want to enjoy their bikes and have a bit of passion about the whole thing. Jap machines are usually owned by people who want to either go quickly on the latest machine with this year's paint job, or who simply want to get from A to B.

Reliability is not an issue with the newer bikes if you look after them. It's because they're much more focussed bikes and the tolerances are that much tighter so they need to be looked after properly.

PJ748R puts it quite well with his comments about Halfrauds!
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Old 05-Dec-2003, 03:06 PM
Desmondo Desmondo is offline
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Originally posted by antonye
Reliability is not an issue with the newer bikes if you look after them.
To be fair reliability is not really an issue even when you don't look after them
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Old 05-Dec-2003, 05:19 PM
Michael J Michael J is offline
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H i guys and girls
Thanks for all the replies - v helpful. TBH, what I expected. I'm sure there's a very deep thing about Ducati ownership. I love my R6 but it doesn't feel part of me. It's a really good bike, fast, comfortable, turns on a sixpence but just no soul!! Guess I'm going to have to try out a 748. I'm not sure about the front fairing and lights on the 749. The 748 just looks the coyote's. Anyone on here near Cambridge. I'm in Godmanchester, just over the bridge from Huntingdon. Hope to hook up with someone if you're from around here.
Thanks again
p.s. Great site this.
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Old 05-Dec-2003, 05:38 PM
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Michael,The Beds/Herts/Cambs DSC boys are out and about this weekend.
Why not join us for a brew and a bacon bap this sunday at the Grafham Water cafe.Its only down the road for you.
We'll put you straight about Duke ownership,and I promise we wont take the p!ss out of the R6.
Will be at Grafham 10.30am.
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