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Old 28-Dec-2003, 11:25 PM
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Mood: st2......we can rebuild
st2 front

ok have had lots of good advice on which tyre to go for, still not sure though. but the question is does anybody within 60 miles of northampton offer a dsc discount on tyres.
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Old 29-Dec-2003, 12:08 AM
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Can't help with the the discount side, but if you haven't made your mine up about tyres heres my opinion on what i've used on st4 and st4s over the combined 24,000 miles.

Metz mez4 complete shite but never wear out,best thing u can do is give them to capt. gatso.

Michelin pilot sport grip quite well and last about 4000 miles front and rear.

Pirelli Dragon Corsa, excellent grip, good for use on track but history after 1500 miles, will do just over 2000 miles if u like riding on square tyres.

Bridgestone bt010 great all round choice with good grip and reasonable wear. OK for the odd track day if you're not the quickest bloke on the block. 4000 miles out of rear and 6000 miles from front.
2 very important points are they are good in the wet and still feel good when well worn rather than having that 'oh gawd should have changed the tyre feeling'

Bridgestone 012 better grip but lot less life than 010.

Finally for work bikes that do big miles but still want decent grip in average brit weather try Bridgestone 020. Not a trendy,i'm a hero type tyre but works very well on a variety of courier bikes.

Sorry if i've repeated what you've been told already but Bridgestone 010 is a very good all round choice.
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Old 31-Dec-2003, 04:02 PM
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Mood: st2......we can rebuild
firstly thanks a lot to everyone for there advice.im pretty sure the best tyre for me is the bridgestone 020.
now heres the problem, the back tyre which is still got loads of tread is an avon azaro (which so far i don't seem to be able to get a lot of opinion on) it has been pointed out to me that i should not mix them but as i had the origanal mez4
on the front before i was already mixing with no ill effects.
so should i throw the back and get a pair of 020's.
get a 020 for the front and see how it feels.
or get an avon azaro for the front.
so if any body who has tried these tyres or combinations has any views i would be gratfull
i really dont want to throw a good back tyre away.but if the opinion is that they are rubbish i will.

my preferd option would be to get the 020 now for the front and when the back wears out replace the avon with a 020 to get the pair.i suppose the thing to do is try it and see how it feels.

thanks for any veiws

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