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Old 25-Jan-2004, 08:27 PM
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I have a 8 month old 749s and the frame is showing signs of rust already (mainly around the rear sub frame welds)the bikes been in 1 or 2 showers and gets covered in a PTF spray after washing, has anybody else got this problem adn does the warranty cover this....probably not i expect.
To top it all this weekend the lumpy idle that Murray Mint is having has now started on mine and the EOBD light has decided to show itself again.
I take it all this is normal in the life of a Ducati............
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Old 25-Jan-2004, 08:52 PM
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From experience, warranty doesnt cover it - but sales of goods does.

Ducati UK are very good with after sales probs (as far as my dealings go - for excessive corrosion on major components) , if your dealer cannot resolve it.
They (Ducati UK) could offer to deal with this problem as an 'offer of goodwill', as they did with my long list, (all dealt with smoothly & cost free to me) which occurred from when the bike was only 3 months old.

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Old 25-Jan-2004, 09:10 PM
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There was a thread on the old 748/9*6 board regarding rusty frames.It might be worthwhile to do a search.The paint on my 998 was very thin in places.999 seems ok and the Multistrada's red frame is great.Seen some others that are dog rough.
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Old 18-Feb-2004, 02:27 PM
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I had a 748 which had a rusty frame, so the thread my have been mine originally. The bike was 6 months old and started getting glassic spiders web type markings abd bubbles on the frame. Most upsetting. I suspect it was down to a mozzarella splatter just prior to frame painting.

Anyway, Ducati UK, bless their little cam lobes, replaced it without question. Infact the bike had a few small problems with an oil leak bewteen case and rear barrel and they changed that too with not so much as a sharp intake of breath. Rear shock went just prior to going out of warranty - replaced.... So, IMO, they're very good and you should contact them to sort it out.

Hope that helps,

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