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Old 05-Feb-2004, 10:31 AM
Queen_gravelpants's Avatar
Queen_gravelpants Queen_gravelpants is offline
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Which tyres for 888?

I'm looking to change the tyres on my bike as the moment I have a Dunlop (207 I think) on the back and a Pirelli on the front. Not my idea, the shop I bought the bike from put the Dunlop on the back for the MOT for free but didnt change the front one!

I'm not a fan of Dunlops as I had them on my GSXR600 and I could never get on with them.

I'm looking for something that will last well on the road, I only use the bike for fast road riding and I'm planning to do some trackdays as well. I don't have any spare wheels so I need something that's good for both.

I've just read an article in Ride magazine about the new Michelin Pilot Power tyres and wondered if anyone has used them?
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Old 05-Feb-2004, 04:42 PM
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Hmmm....I don't think ther's many Michelin fans around these parts.

I do the same sort of thing, mainly road stuff, but maybe one or two track things a year when I get a rush of blood to the credit card. I'm on 207RR's at the moment as well, but on balance I think I preferred the Bridgestone 010's, I had on before that. Really confidence inspiring, wet and dry, and good on the track too.

I will go back to Bridgestones at the next tyre change, because I have a front 010 with about 800 miles on it that I only took off to fit the Dunlops as a pair (since i got them as a real cheap pair).

After that though I think I'd like to try Pirelli Diablos to do the mainly road/occasional track thing or Diablo Corsas if it was the other way round
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Old 05-Feb-2004, 05:27 PM
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Celeste I would go for the Pirelli Diablos, depending on use and mileage you would have to choose between the Corsa and the normal type, I currently have a standard Diablo on the 916 and I'm very pleased with it. I am considering using the Corsa version for a couple of race outings, the old Dragon Corsas were good enough for racing with 57sec laps around the old Mallory layout and the Brands Indy on my 1995 CBR600 and 115mph laps of the TT by my mate on his 1995 CBR600. So can only imagine the Diablo version to be better.
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Old 05-Feb-2004, 07:19 PM
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Im glad its not only me who has a vendetta against michelins. Never liked 'em in 15 years of riding (and the 888 had a new set of his sports on when I bought it ...ARGGGHHHHH!!!).

Im told 888's are very sensitive on tyres, and even more sensitive on pressures.

My hard earned's going on some pirelli diabolos in the spring.

Hope the weather holds out for you the weekend BTW Celeste !

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Old 06-Feb-2004, 08:41 AM
Eddieb Eddieb is offline
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I've got the diablos on my 888, it had super corsas when I got it and at renewal time I decided to go a step down in grip as a trade off against distance. I do a fair bit of fast road riding up some really twisty local hills and have had no trouble at all with grip.

I'm a wimp in the wet so am quite cautious so not much idea on wet weather grip if you are doing any of that sort of mileage.

As mentioned aboeve my bike is extremely sensitive to pressure in the front tyre, just a couple of pounds lost and it just won't go round corner without a fight.

A friend of mine had the pilot sports on his ZXR400 at the TT last year. The rear last 3/4 of a lap before chunking to pieces. Not my idea of a reliable tyre, especially on top of everyone elses stories.

[Edited on 6-2-2004 by Eddieb]
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Old 06-Feb-2004, 01:09 PM
Pitcrew Pitcrew is offline
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Hi Celeste, don't know whether I let you know when I E-mailed you a while back, but I use the Avon Azaro 2's, you can get a good deal on them too. I first found tyre choice a bit of a gamble with the standard suspension. Remember that the front tyre frofile greatly effects the turn-in ability, sharper the turn, more unstable in straight line at speed and you feel every change in the road contour. Once I had the front softened up by Maxton, I got far more feel at the front and was recommended the Avons by an Ex race friend and reading message boards. All down to choice really with everyone. I think the standard suspension mods have made the biggest impact to the handling, it's lost most of that scary vague feeling.
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Old 06-Feb-2004, 02:05 PM
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I have the dunlops on mine too, when there up for change I'll go for BT010's or 012s. I like the all round feel of these tyres and there light too. I'll then set the supsension to suit me ann the treads.


PS. Are you cool now?
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Old 10-Feb-2004, 10:04 PM
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For my two-penn'orth I'm going to stick with Pirellis (Dragon/Evo/Corsa/SuperCorsa) on all my dukes.

I've tried 207s on a 916 and found it felt vague and I had Pilot Sports on my 851 when I lost the rear without warning on Paddock Hill.

Yes, the Pirellis square off quite quickly, but if I wanted to get touring mileage I wouldn't buy a 888!!!

PS if anyone wants to donate any squared off tyres I still have 900 miles of running-in to do

PPS Heated grips would be good too - its freezing out there!
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Old 01-Apr-2004, 08:03 PM
888heaven 888heaven is offline
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tyres 888

I know this post may be late.
I find theDiablo's fine in the wet even though it was an unetentional wet weather sorty.
as for the D207 's ive got those on the 900SL the front needs changing ive spoken to my tyre dealer about getting a softer tyre for the front and he was adament that 207's should never be mixed not even with 208's as they have a completly different profile and can muck up the handling dangerously.
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