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Old 28-May-2018, 08:39 PM
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848evo or 1098s

So guys help needed do I get an 848evo or 1098s advantages etc between the 2
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Old 12-Jun-2018, 01:20 PM
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Horses for courses...??


For me it depends on what you're wanting to do with it, and ultimately, how lazy do you feel like being!!?!

You see, I've had this exact dilemma previously, albeit not directly with Ducati....I've owned big 1000cc 4 and 2 cylinder bikes previously (Thunderace, Blade, 996, VTR SP2, R1 etc...) and they were fine, pretty much roll on and roll off the throttle in any gear to go past just about anything on the road, without putting in much forethought or preparation...

However, then came my chance to buy an MV F4 - I rode both the 750 F4 and the 1000 F4, and purposefully chose the 750 as it felt far more 'involving'.....it was actually quite a nice refreshing feeling to have to think about what gear you're in, use the full rev range more often and think ahead...the 1000 felt decidedly dull in comparison and was just another (huge powered) roll on, roll off thing...

Since then, I've never really looked back and thats why I've currently got an 848 - like you, with the money burning a hole in my pocket, I had the chance to buy a 1098 instead, but loved the 848 as soon as I rode it and found it plenty powerful enough and involving to ride. When I come to change it, I'll be looking for an 899/959 Panigale rather then the bigger Pani's...

I hope that helps, sorry if it doesn't - but please, get out and ride both back to back then make your choice based on how involved in the ride you want to be...

I suppose theres a school of thought that says if you were using it everyday to commute on, then a 1000 might be better due to the above, however if its for a every now and then blast, then the smaller engine would make you appreciate what you've done much more!
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