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Reload this Page Cadwell Park.......a grand two days
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Old 17-Jun-2009, 11:19 PM
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Cadwell Park.......a grand two days

Thanks again to everyone involved in making the two days at cadwell happen.

The DSC team that organised it, the marshalls who manned their posts throughout the two days even in the downpour on Monday Afternoon, the instructors who kept an eye on proceedings on track and help make sure some trackday newbies were well and truly bitten by the trackday bug, to everyone who took part who made sure there was no need to trouble the medical centre, etc, etc.

It was a nice to have the bar open and big up for Gordinio on his one man crusade to drink it dry before closing time.

Highlights in no particular order...........

Seeing so many trackday newbies raving about their first trackday, I doubt there is a better environment to take to the track for the first time on a Ducati.

The kamikaze cadwell rabbits, nearly managed to bag a couple on the exit of barn.

Being passed for the upmteenth time by Lord R endurance testing his Trumpet or was he endurance testing himself or his flapping instructors waistcoat?

The glorious sunny weather on the Tuesday afternoon and really enjoying the last few sessions on a pretty clear track.

Meeting up with the DSC cadwell trackday regulars from all points of the compass as well as the first timers as well as those who just called in for chinwag.

Realising that a decent set of leathers mean it is actually possible to move around on a moving bike

Seeing so many Ducati's being used on track.

A grand two days out,................only 12 months 'til the next one.

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Old 18-Jun-2009, 12:27 AM
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Good to see you again Ray, and thanks to all involved for putting on the best trackday of the year as always........can't wait for next years........the 848 lurrrrved it May actually get to do it 2 years running on the same bike

Hants - Meet Popham Airfield every 2nd Sunday of the Month @ 1pm

Ducati Snells of Alton : >>
848 Corse SE Evoluzione 2 : >>
Dementor Site :>>
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Old 18-Jun-2009, 08:36 AM
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Glad to see everyone had a good time and also there was none of the hostilities that happened last year after the event.
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Old 18-Jun-2009, 08:46 AM
KeefyB KeefyB is offline
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Really glad I made the effort to get up to Cadwell for a nosey on tuesday.I had a cracking ride up,......the only worrying moment was nearly running out of petrol in rural Lincolnshire.(Damn that thimble of a tank on the Hyper! )Funny thing was when I pulled into a village garage,.....the pumps were padlocked and the attendant couldnt find the key. Eventually the key was found on a keyring as big as a barn door!"How the **** did you lose that!!??!!" Only in Lincolnshire!
Smashing to see all the DSC folk again,....I dont know what was aching more,..my feet and legs from walking around all day or my jaw from all the yakkin'.
A good ride home,despite getting very tired towards the end.
Roll on next year when I will be back on the track.
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Old 18-Jun-2009, 10:52 AM
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WeeJohnyB WeeJohnyB is offline
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Keefy it was a joy and a highlight of the 2 days to see you mate, and you were on your bike which is even better.

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Old 18-Jun-2009, 12:49 PM
bradders's Avatar
bradders bradders is offline
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yep, had a great time!! Massive thanks to Craig for putting up with me and my snoring (and less than admirable clenaing skills!) for a few days, as well as overtaking me every chance he had!! Boy, you were flying...

had some great moments chasing and, for once, overtaking a few peolpe, the 848 just needs a bit more oomph to get past those pesky 1198's Cant remember a better trackday than that. Even ventured into the fast group with Roy and Pete on Monday and didnt do too bad...

And to Chris and Cath for saving my bacon after my lighting board 'escaped' on the way there - didnt get back til gone 10 so needed lights!!

even the AGM went ok...!

roll on 2010
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Old 18-Jun-2009, 01:03 PM
breebree breebree is offline
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Red face Awesome Cadwell!

Hi folks......we rode up to Cadwell on Monday - leaving Winchester (some 250 miles away!) basking in sunshine got as far as Silverstone and the heavens opened for the next 180 miles! Lovely!! Arrived at Cadwell - met up with our friends who were sitting in their vans cause of the afternoon rain.
Woke up next morning to a cloudy sky but dry and then it was game on!

First time at Cadwell - thanks to the instructor who led me round cadwell for my first couple of sessions and pointing out areas for improvement!! Although I don't have a Ducati - well.........not yet anyway......it was the first time I have used the ZX10 on a "proper" track! Still a novice but enjoyed it - couldn't stop the grin factor! Decided to leave the advice of a "friend" at home who had told me to open the throttle on the uphill section - just as well even so.......front wheel came up! Wheres that photographer when you need him?!?!?! Great pics otherwise by the way. Like to point out to all the other riders - thanks - for being so gracious in your passing! I might add that though being a girl I actually passed a couple of guys!! okay I own up................it was on the straight bit!

Thanks to the DSC for putting this event on - instructors - marshalls etc. etc. and next year will ride up on the sunday - ready for two days!
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Old 18-Jun-2009, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by WeeJohnyB
Keefy it was a joy and a highlight of the 2 days to see you mate, and you were on your bike which is even better.


What he said

The Patent Jools Mood Meter -Today I am:

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Old 18-Jun-2009, 03:55 PM
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DSC Member Paul James Paul James is offline
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Yup, seemed to be that a good time was had by most, plenty of friendly banter and as Bradders mentioned "even the AGM was OK" For those who don't know the long boring story a comment as seemingly moderate is in fact quite a milestone.

It was great to catch up with lots of old friends and to see the track day work out so well; signing on seemed very easy, there were no financial losses for the club, the accounts all done on the day and nobody hurt. The latter is always the most important!

Thanks to all who turned up to the AGM and made that possible this year, the decisions made will allow the MT to push on with the recovery of the club helped by the members.

Thanks also to those who expressed their appreciation for the work I've done for the club over the past 10 years, it means a lot.


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Old 18-Jun-2009, 05:53 PM
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A fabulous two days on track. Even the weather couldn't spoil it!

Speaking for the Jock contingent - we had a great time and will be back next year for sure! (i'll try to stay off the grass this time too!!)

Thanks to everyone in the club for making it happen

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