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Old 17-Aug-2009, 10:23 PM
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916 tries to fly...

So, the tour France on a 916 pan went well - until I crossed the channel... Wanted a good original 'Cagiva' 916 again and took a month or two to find one in god original condition.

I bought a bike, had it fully serviced at Motorapido, picked it up on the Wednesday - all good, including the new rockers...ouch!), and headed off to the tunnel on the Friday afternoon. Imagine my surprise when as I open her up passing 90 on the autoroute towards Paris the RHS fairing came up and hit my right hand! Lower RHS disappeared behind me and hit the girlfriend following on her Hornet, but luckily no damge to her or her bike!

Pulled over but unable to recover lower RHS bit. Unfortunately the last dzus on the nose cone tore off the last couple of inches of the cone too. Trusty gaffer tape put into good use and continued with 10 day 3300km awesome tour on some of the finest roads in France. But of course I'm home now and looking to repair the damge; price of a good tour I suppose.

I've posted looking for fairing bits in the sale/wanted area. Couple of questions though:
  • Are the lower RHS fairing panels the same on 916/748/ 996 (I think the 998 is different)?
  • The upper RHS panel is bowed out a bit from being stretched by the windblast, not cracked or anything; I'm assuming some moderate heat and I can ease it back into shape?
  • Are the fairing panels/ cone painted, inside and out or are they moulded in the correct colour? I was wondering if I could consider buying a yellow one and painting it; they seem more common!!

There's a lesson in there somewhere; I'm not totally sure the dzus underneath were fastened correctly, hence the pulling apart as I hit speed. Gaffer tape worked well thoug: 100% touring essential!

Thanks for your help - and sales/ donations!

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Old 17-Aug-2009, 10:31 PM
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happnened to me a few years ago, now I'd have dzus on the sides and top but NEVER underneath in case they work out

expensive lesson, claimed on insurance in the end as 1500 was a bot ouch to my wallet!!
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Old 18-Aug-2009, 06:07 PM
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I had a rubber sheet and cut out rubber ring pieces (steady on!!!!!!!) that I put under my dzus fasteners. Eliminates vibration that could undo the fastener but also "fills out" the gap between the fastener and the panel making a much tighter, and less likely to come undone, fit.

Basically used a paper hole punch to punch out the holes in the rubber sheet and then a pair of scissors to cut the pice aroudn the dzus fastener.

If you don't have rubber sheeting, an old bike inner tube will do exactly the same.


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Old 18-Aug-2009, 06:56 PM
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Thanks for the tips guys; when I've successfully sourced the new panels I'll certainly look into a more secure fastening underneath the bike...

By the way, could someone confirm that the nose cone remained unchanged across all the 916/996/998/748 range?

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Old 18-Aug-2009, 07:39 PM
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All you need is a small sliver of duct tape across the d-ring. I do this on my race bike for this exact reason.
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Old 19-Aug-2009, 12:21 AM
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Nose cone changed after '97, the "Ducati" decal above the left headlight was omitted.
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Old 19-Aug-2009, 12:48 AM
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Thanks Steve; can the newer nose cones be used but require an additional decal then?
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