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Old 24-Oct-2009, 10:13 AM
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Thumbs down 916s P8 ECU

Just bought my first Ducati 916s, have been told by the engineers that the equipment you use to talk to the ECU isn't talking to it and I can't get the fueling sorted out. The bike runs ok on a motorway but around town it's a nightmare keeps oiling up the plugs and the the exhaust looks like a coalminers glasses. The guys working on it have said that the ECU is Knackered? In my blind panic and last week not knowing to much about ECU,s I got hold of a couple happy days. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, my bike has a P8 ECU and the 2 I got hold of were 16M.AO 916 Bip and a 16M.B1 996. Now here's the question can the P8 be repaired without taking out a second mortgage or can I use the M16 type maybe with a few minor modifications to the wiring.
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Old 24-Oct-2009, 02:19 PM
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If they are using the standard Ducati Mathesis test box, and the ECU has an FIM upgrade chip, then the box will not be able to talk to the ECU. If the ECU wasn't working the bike wouldn't run.
It sounds like you may need the TPS setting adjusted to sort out the fuelling. This can be checked with a multimeter. Here is how..
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Old 24-Oct-2009, 08:34 PM
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As Mike says if its running the ECU can't be naff as for repairing them I should think thats a possibility, same ECU as used on Cosworths and a few other vehicles(Renault 21s I think,although these ones are not identical they can still be a source of spares).
Maybe yors just needs setting up properly, TPS abd CO2 settings.

As for using the 16m.A0 (single injector) or the 16M.B1 (twin injector) ECU will mainly depend on the signal from the engine position sensor reading off the flywheel, both these ECUs are from bikes with a single engine sensor where as the P8 bikes use two sesnors to allow the firing of the injectors to be more accurately controled.
If the signal is compatiable then getting hold of the injection part of the harness off the 16M setups would help and probbaly the Rev counter as I know one from a 916 witha 16M ECU doesn't work on a SPS with a P8 ECU

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