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Old 01-Jul-2011, 08:54 PM
Oli Oli is offline
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Thinking of buying a 1098 or 848

Hi everyone, I'm new here and have never owned a Ducati before, although I've thought about it, just never taken the plunge!, had a long line of Japanese sportsbikes including the original R1,954 Fireblade,CBR600RR4,CBR1000RR6 Fireblade,R6 and CBR600RR7, all great bikes and to tell the truth I did think about another I4 but I really fancy something different now.

My budget will be around 7500 which seems it will get me an 07 1098 with 8-12k miles on or an 08 or maybe 09 848 with considerably less miles.
Would the 1098 be that much of a better buy?, I mainly will use it for road riding and the 848 is no slouch itself.
I know friends who have had the older vintage Ducatis and they have had various problems with them but from what I gather their pretty good now?, is there anything specific to look out for when viewing them other than the usual signs of damage etc?, would a 1098 with this milage be impossible to move on again in a year or 2 with say 15k on the clock?, I've not ridden a V twin much before, my only experience on one was a Suzuki TLR which I can't say was great, although I'm sure I will be able to get used to it, plus the 1098/848s look fantastic too, is servicing that much more than a Japanese I4? from what I've seen a service with belts seems to be about 500 ish from an independant.

I was also considering an Aprilia RSV Factory, they do seem slightly better value for money plus you get all the Ohlins goodies on them but I admit they don't look as good, I know this is a Ducati forum so I won't expect too much of an unbiased answer but would the 1098 and Mille stack up fairly evenly or is the 1098 that much better?.

Sorry for all the questions, I'm looking to buy in the next month or so and don't want to jump in at the deep end and end up with a lemon!.
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Old 01-Jul-2011, 10:17 PM
chris.p's Avatar
chris.p chris.p is offline
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Welcome Oli, I am not a 1098 or 848 owner, but going on what folk say, the 848 is the better bike for handling etc, I am sure some will come on and say the opposite, but I can name a fair few who will agree with me.

As you have not ridden a Duke before, I would suggest a trip to your local dealer and organise a test ride, you will not be disapointed.

Regarding servicing costs, they are a lot cheaper than they used to be on the 748 / 916 range, some one will give you more details on that though.

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Old 06-Jul-2011, 09:06 AM
madracer1 madracer1 is offline
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I have a 1098 that I use only for trackdays and racing. Its never missed a beat and I've had no problems with it. I've had other inline 4's, ZX10r, K5 and K7 . The Ducati always brings a smile that the other bikes never did. I also lap as quick on it as the other bikes with more bhp.

But if you have never been on one as the above post says get over to a dealer and try them out....prepars for huge grins!!
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Old 06-Jul-2011, 09:14 AM
bradders's Avatar
bradders bradders is offline
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depends on what kind of rider you are. If you are a lazy roiad rider, low revs high gear type of thing, 1098 probably better as it will grunt from anywhere, where the 848 is more like a smaller IL4 and needs a gear shift or two.

But for sheer ridability and fun, even the journos say so, the 848 is THE bike to have
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Old 08-Jul-2011, 01:34 PM
Martin Dower Martin Dower is offline
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No need to worry too much about miles either. They don't tend to suffer in the same way as the Jap I4s do
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Old 08-Jul-2011, 02:47 PM
ChrisBushell's Avatar
DSC Member ChrisBushell ChrisBushell is offline
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Having recently acquired a 998, I let No1 son out on it a couple of weeks ago. Now he normally rides an 09 GSXR750 and is a safe, quick rider.

He came back 30 mins later with a grin from ear to ear and the abiding comment "this thing makes my Suzuki feel like a shed, now I understand what you have been going on about for all these years!"

Needless to say I have now had to hide the keys till Cadwell in a couple of weeks! Much as Bradders has said the 848 is probably the more useable bike of the two.

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Old 12-Jul-2011, 12:42 PM
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smilo006 smilo006 is offline
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Ridden a 1198 and 1098. Unless you get open clutch and decent open cans then it feels like a Jap 4 compared to the 998.
the 1198 was smoother but fantastic engine on bot of them. Slipper clutch even more relevant on these as well. It is easy to chirp the rear wheel on downshifts.
A bit like the 748, many peple say the 848 is a great bike. The 848 evo with 140bhp, likely more usable on the road. The was the 1198 puts on speed without you really knowing is amazing.
Still prefer the 998 though. It is analogue not fly by wire, involving like the 1098 isn't. 1098 easier to ride for distances though.
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