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Old 17-Oct-2013, 23:43
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1098, sudden stop.

Can anybody please give me an answer.
I have a 2007 1098, It rides and pulls as it should, but...
It keeps cutting out at idle, usually when hot (80 degree plus)
The problem is if it cuts out its really difficult to start again, it's as if there's no power in the battery... Duff battery I hear you say, but if its idling and I switch the bike off myself and then go to start it, it starts as it should, with plenty of power.

Its only if it cuts out on it own that its hard to start again...

Old 18-Jun-2014, 12:32
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Voltage Regulator.

My regulator was replaced in 2008 as part of the Recall. Sadly the replacement packed up recently and the bike was a nightmare to ride, continually stalling at idle and low speed pulling up to junctions. Typically this occurred more at over 80degC.

I spent over 1200 chasing this fault (Idle Sensor, TPS reset, CO2 balance, swapped ECUs, valve clearances, spark plugs). The regulator is in such a poor position on the bike, literally 2" away from the exhaust, so no wonder it fails.

Regulator is 90 from Ducati and dead simple to swap out.
Old 18-Jun-2014, 17:59
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Upgrade the R/R to a MOSFET one. Pick up a ZX10R one up off ebay. Don't buy the brand new pattern ones for 25, buy a used one. You need a wiring loom from Triumph to fit it.

This video has all the info you need http://youtu.be/xeiqHNalzVo
Old 19-Nov-2014, 20:52
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Sorry for the late reply

I know its been an age now, but thought I would just give the conclusion to this problem. I took the bike to Rich Llewellin at Louigi Moto, as soon a I described the problem he came up with an answer. Which was the ECU needs remapping. He did this for me and the bike now runs like a dream, I have put 6000 miles on it since the problem and it hasn't missed a beat, much smoother too, starts first turn every time and has never cut out since.
Old 21-Nov-2014, 09:59
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When I saw your post above(now) I was about to reply with the answer. This is only because I read it off another forum. It was probably your bike on there as well.
Old 09-Dec-2014, 12:02
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Any idea why the ecu needed remapping? What happened to it to make it need a remap? Just curious.
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