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Old 23-Aug-2015, 17:16
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scorpion tyre

ive just returned from a europe trip on my multi(6week old)
whilst away i had an issue with my rear tyre see pic, i went 200 miles off my route to a ducati dealer to get it changed as i had 4 more days to go. on my return i spoke to my dealer and asked if i was going to be reimbursed to which i was told without the tyre my hands are tied apparently i should of asked the wife to carry it for the rest of our trip lol.. im a bit miffed as before i went id spent nearly 33k with him.. now it seems like ive had your money im not interested. any body else had tyre issues? how was it delt with?
rear tyre.jpg
rear tyre 2.jpg
Old 24-Aug-2015, 13:02
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Clearly a flawed tyre.......email the euro Duc dealer and ask that they confirm the nature of the reason for changing the tyre for you i.e. confirm that the original tyre was faulty.
Provide a copy of their response and copy invoice for the new tyre to your Dealer and ask (insist!) that they make a Warranty claim via Duc UK ;-)

Ducati should be made aware of this.....there could be a batch of duff tyres out there! I would contact Pirelli also:

Might be worth posting here as well ;-)
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