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Post Want to be a DesmoDue racer?

Want to be a DesmoDue racer?

There’s no cheaper or friendlier way to start racing than with the DSC. Its aimed at novices who want something more than just a trackday.

Part one: Paper Work

You will need to join the Ducati Sporting Club, which costs 25 per year, and gives you all sorts of discounts including 10% discount at participating Ducati dealerships.
More info and membership forms are here:

You will also need to register for Desmo Due as an entrant which costs an additional 20 per year to cover the extract expenses, paperwork, sponsorship stickers, etc. To register you just email desmodue@ducatisportingclub.com with your details and they will send you a simple form to complete to register you for the season.

You will need to get a Race Licence! Contact the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) for more information. They run a training day in Rugby which is very informative for new racers and you will receive a certificate on completion of the day. This is then used when you apply for your race licence.
More info and forms here: http://www.acu.org.uk/ACU-Events/Com...ng-Course.aspx

Some race clubs and tracks also arrange training days which will count towards your race licence.

You will need to join Thr Hosting Race Club who run the Desmo Due race series on behalf of the Club. You can send your completed training certificate and race licence application form with your Hottrax membership form, as your race licence needs to be counter-signed by a club.

At this stage you will get in the post your ACU licence that will include a licence number on the front, an orange "novice" bib, your DSC membership card and race club membership along with race entry forms for the dates released so far.

Part two: Getting the bike

There are a lot out there both on DSC forum as race prepared bikes and ebay as both race prepared and road bikes.

So what do you need to do to standard road bike?

Well not a lot! You will need an oil catch tray, upgrade the brake hoses to steal braided ones and lock wire sump, oil cap, filter and oil screen bolts to the bike to stop them coming undone and leaking oil on the track. You can buy pre-drilled sump plugs and oil caps, as well as oil filters that have a pre-drilled nut on the end (K&N sell these) which will make your life easier.

You also need to remove all in necessary items from the bike i.e head light, numberplate, etc. Ground clearance is a problem with standard exhaust(s) so you may want to fit performance exhausts for both ground clearance and performance purposes.

The tyres are a Dunlop control tyre which everyone on the grid must run. We get these at a discounted price for Desmo Due members and you will get information on how to order these when you register for DD.

Making your bike faster/lighter/better is optional! If it's your first season there is plenty to learn about race craft and you will go much quicker with practise and by actually racing than you will by fitting an expensive rear shock.

It is advised that you make sure your bike is setup and running correctly - a good service at the start of the season is a must, and changing the oil and keeping an eye on the bike over the season essential. The bikes are pretty bullet-proof and engine issues are rare.

Part Three: Other things needed

You MUST have:
One-piece leather suit with no rips or tears
Helmet with gold ACU approved, no scrapes
Pair of gloves with wrist straps (important!)
Motorcycle boots with stepped sole (important!)
It is also recommend to use a back protector at least and optionally a chest protector

You may also want to think about a box of spares of things that you will break if/when you fall off. Things like bars, brake/clutch/gear levers, foot pegs, etc are handy to have along with a selection of replacement nuts and bolts. If you break something that you don't have there will always be someone in the paddock that has a spare one, but remember to either replace or return the item as soon as possible to maintain this friendly approach!

Want more help?

All the DD racers are keen to help you out in any way! Feel free to post questions on the message board, come along to race meetings and see what happens and chat to the racers to get a feel for what it's like.

For any other help, including technical questions, email desmodue@ducatisportingclub.com as your first point of contact.

Hope to see you on the track!

Regards – Dominic

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