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Old 22-Jan-2023, 21:29
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Static noise test in preparation for track days - Ducati 1299 Akra slip-on + baffles

I attended the two Ducati track days at Silverstone in 2022 and have since fitted an Akrapovic slip-on exhaust (with baffles) to my Ducati 1299. I know there will be no issues with noise at a Ducati track day at Silverstone or Donnington but am considering various track days at Brands Hatch this year. The static test limit is 105 dBA and I was expecting the 1299 with Akra slip-ons to get close or exceed this even with baffles.

When testing to MSA guidelines (500mm away from exhaust exit, 5,000 RPM for 2 cylinder machines, 5,500 RPM for 4 cylinder machines - see below), using an app on my phone (Sound level meter), the 1299 only registered 90.4 dBA (max), 59.2 dBA (min), which is within the noise limits. This was lower than anticipated even if an additional 10% is added to account for potentially inaccurate phone microphone / app combination.

In comparison my 2013 Yamaha R1 (big bang) with Akrapovic exhausts (no baffles) registered 96 dBA (max), 75.2 dBA (min) which is louder than the 1299! The R1 does not sound louder than the 1299 but the exhaust system locations are totally different (under-tail vs underslung).

So... from my testing even accounting some margin for potentially inaccurate measuring equipment, the 1299 meets the noise limits for most track days (with baffles installed). This doesn't fit with the numerous online reports I have read of Panigale owners been turned away from track days due to static noise levels. I would rather find out now than fork out for a track day and turn up to find the 1299 is not permitted due to noise limits.
Would you recommend I:
1. Ride along to Brands Hatch prior to booking and get an official static noise test to be sure (my readings seem a little on the low side vs expectations).
2. Arrange for a static noise test at an MOT center or motorcycle dealer (could have unintended negative impact as the road legal limit appears to be 86 dBA).
3. Just turn up on the day and cross fingers!

Anyone any experience of static noise test failures for 1299's with Akrapovic slip-ons with baffles?
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