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Old 13-Jan-2023, 09:47
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levelling up in a baptism of garrrgh!

After near 17 years of 996 ownership i needed More, so sold it and bought an 1198s. Delightfully under market price and so it was almost a straight swap. My way of thinking was that if i needed to spend 2k on it i'd still be quids in....hmmmm...

So, collected on the first official day of winter (it started sleeting for the 100 mile ride home). The first three miles were hellish - it wouldn't idle and three times cut out when entering roundabouts or junctions. Verily i said Fack! Afer fuelling up it took several attempts to get started again so from then on i held the throttle slightly open whenever i had to slow or stop - not too clever when riding through crowded Stamford.

Anyway, by the time i got to Northampton the roads dried and i began to have some fun, in a cold kind of way. Finally got home in the shire (cotswolds) and such was the weather that i didn't ride again for a fortnight. First thing i did was add a linky so i could trickle charge the battery. Did a couple of hundred mile journeys subsequently but the weather hasn't been my friend - not got anywhere near the bike's potential.

Chatted with Geoff at Baines who i've dealt with for years - he suggested getting the diagnosis to check throttle position sensor, so i called Moto Rapido and booked it in. As soon as i said the reg number they said "Ah - we know this bike - not a sensor"
So i rode to Winchester the other day thinking possibly regulator issue, and then we had The Conversation. They dropped the oil and found metal swarf in the strainer. Fack x several.

So, that's it - main bearings at least, dammit. Right now i'm halfway through taking the engine out to take to Baines and looking forward to my wallet being emptied but having a refreshed engine for a new lease of life. Bloody hope so - three days booked at Portimao in may followed by grand eurotour. Yee, and indeed, haaaa!

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